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Several years ago, I was reading the book: Onward by Howard Schultz. This book is a story about the beginnings of the Starbucks coffee business. In the book, Howard Schultz mentions visiting a coffee house abroad and watching the Baristas at work. At that moment, he realized he had to recreate that back in the United States.

When I thought about this topic, I could visualize the coffee shop and smell the coffee roasting. Each step of the process takes a certain skill. Although you can not give such an assignment to one person, an entire team can be brought together to achieve the greatness found in that cup of coffee.

You should be the Barista of your online business. Seek perfection but settle for just a little bit less!


In the post (Your Online Business and Stewardship of Money) I wrote the following:


You may be wondering how this is all related. Life is like dominoes, you topple one and the next will fall and the next… Dominoes is an example of relationships, not that they all shall fall but one action in one area can effect an action in another.

Like the Barista, you have to be a steward of your online business. And, like the Barista, the steward of the business must be diligent for their customers. As in what is written above, the failure of due diligence can (and will) have a domino effect.

One summer when I was in College, I had a job in downtown New York City selling ice cream and candy for a upscale candy store. I almost lost a customer because the manager made me sell an inferior ice cream (of the flavor this individual liked). When we got the higher quality back in the store, I (literally) chased this man in Penn Plaza to deliver his ice cream cone. (I also paid for the cone myself.) He began making his regular stops again on his way home.

What’s in your ice cream bucket?



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