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Bad Advice and Your Online Business


Blogs are a way for me to express my anger. I often read something that reminds me of pleasant thoughts and I want to share this with my readers. Then, there are those things I read that JUST PLAIN MAKE ME MAD!

You have to weigh advice carefully in this modern world. Like the man that went to see his Therapist. He told him that he thought someone was out to get him. The Therapist told him that he was absolutely right and just pay the receptionist the $100 fee on the way out!

I’m from New York and in the city, you have to weigh advice on a basis of relativity. For instance, if someone pulls up in a Black Lincoln Continental and says: “Get in, we are going for a ride!” In this case, you run like hell!

I was reading in Investopedia, an article on Tax laws you need to know.

I scrolled down thru the list without reading the article. I saw enough. These are tax laws about IRA’s and new rules around them. It was enough to make me sick just the thought this was being pushed. I felt I was back in New York City and here comes that black limo!


You want better odds? Earn an extra income online!


Do you know most people are bad at math? That is why they keep buying lottery tickets! There are better odds of being attacked by a shark walking down the streets of Denver, Colorado than winning the next lottery! With the odds being that stacked against you, why would you participate?

I googled: percent chance of winning a lotteryI found an article by the Huffington Post that stated the odds for a particular lottery were: 1: 175,000,000. This would be like being the one person to win if every adult in America played.

NOW! Some people like to make fun of their friends when they desire to earn money online with their own business. Some of these people will state something like: “well, 95% of people fail with online businesses!” That is a success rate of only 5 out of 100. (read the above paragraph again, PLEASE!)

If you are employed by a Small Business, did you know you are working for one of the 5 businesses in 100 that actually started and made it!


Is your goal to work every day until you die? Or, do you intend to retire sometime? And, if you intend to retire, is it your goal to sit around your house until you die? Or, is it your intention to retire and see the World!

If you want to “play it safe” and invest in your IRA or 401K, ask those that played it safe in 2008! I got burned in 2001 with investments that I could not control and that was enough for me!

I have been planning my retirement for 9 years. How about you? By the time some of you read this, you will already know our name! For others, you will be standing on the corner of Wall Street and Nowhere stating: WHAT HAPPENED!



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