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A Plate Overflowing…

Whew! Life can be such a treadmill sometimes, don’t you agree?

We all have personal lives. And we all have our “responsibilities” that we’ve taken on to progress ourselves to “something bigger and better”. No matter if you are a top-level executive of a huge corporation, or a stay-at-home mom trying to make some extra dollars from a home-based business, we all have our plates overflowing these days. It seems there is not a moment to spare anymore for anything apart from dealing with one crisis after another, or working through task after task.

In my own life, I recently had the need to take on yet another job, in order to create a higher quality of living, thus spreading myself even thinner than ever. This is something I had never imagined I would be working at – with numbers. I had always been strictly a “letters and words” kind of person, and so this was a daunting prospect at first. Don’t get me wrong – I love it…the excitement of learning something new that I know will serve me in future; the solving of numerical puzzles (I love all kinds of puzzles and riddles) and the sheer sense of new purpose.

Once I got over the initial anxiety on how I was going to pull this off, and then relaxed my need to be totally perfect right out of the gate, I began to really enjoy this new job, and felt a new sense of self-worth when I remembered I was getting paid to do it. For a life-long writer like myself, it was almost ironically funny that I was suddenly getting paid to work with numbers!

Quite apart from that, I quickly found myself re-shuffling my priorities in a frenzy. Suddenly there was no time for many of the other tasks I had finally fitted into my daily routine. One moment I was comfortably getting through my days with a sense of discipline, and the next, I was watching in slight dismay as my carefully-planned routines fell into disarray.

There were some tense moments at first…wondering if I was doing the right thing, whether I was sabotaging some of my earlier creations in order to fit this new “task” into my world. It took some deeply reflective moments before I started to see the light, and realized that this was something that I needed to do. Do I know why, at this point? I have a vague idea…that this is one skill that I was neglecting which is much needed in order to help me personally progress through the rest of my life.

That thought excites me, to be honest. It gives my life-long disdain for numbers a new shiny quality…as if they are now my new friends, here to help me along the way.

And for all intents and purposes, I am running with that one. I have gotten over my fears of taking on more tasks, and putting even more onto my plate. I feel that certain tasks are given to us by Divine Guidance, and in those cases, it’s always wisest to shove other things out of the way with as much grace as possible…and make room for the “blessing in disguise”.

It’s here to teach us something invaluable, after all.


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