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The Outcome is Not the Point!

Hey you guys!  Have you noticed?  We are not in charge, here. We can certainly pretend we are, for as long as we like. But eventually we’ll have to concede that life is not under our control.

And I am not alluding to conspiracy theories! Makes me smile. It’s been such a long time since I have put any energy into conspiracy theories. But I used to do that a lot. Now it just doesn’t come up.

All we need do is ‘try’ to do something ‘our way’, and it quickly becomes clear that we are not in charge. I have just had that example, as I wrote this blog entry.  I got it all written and then…

I went to look for photos to go with it, and found a perfect one among my Ipad photos. The one you see above. It was taken by my son, James Olsen, who has been doing photography ‘on the side’.  As you can see, he is doing some beautiful and quite professional work.  I texted him and got his permission to use it.

But once the photo was chosen, the whole blog needed to change! It brought me back to my original intention with this entry, which I had lost along the way.   Perfect!

You see, it is never about the outcome.  That is simply not the point. The point is that we are the creation being enjoyed and savored by the Divine.  So it truly isn’t up to us, these small selves, what will happen.  It is up to the Divine, the totality, the universe.

But what we can always be sure of, is that along with enjoying and savoring, the Divine’s intent is to expand and grow.  So whatever else is true, whatever happens is always for our highest growth.  We are always living our highest possibility.

A new pointer that my teacher, Matt Kahn, offered recently is that everything happens for us, not to us, even when it doesn’t feel like it. The universe is always working on our behalf to bring about what will help us become that which we must be, in order to receive what is next.

So, what happens will not necessarily be what we have hoped will happen, or on the time frame that we wished it would occur.  But, so often, what the universe has in mind is many times more wonderful than whatever we could possibly have imagined.

Our agenda, as people, has very little to do with what happens or what is important. But, every little thing that occurs is providing us with new opportunities to practice our mastery here on earth.  That is what we are here for.  To embody the mastery that is what we are.

Do what the masters do, and don’t worry about what they may know. It is all about whether one is willing to do the simple things that masters do despite the sense that somehow it must be more complicated, or that they must know what we do not.  We all know exactly what is we need to know in the moment we are in.

Masters love.  Masters bless.  Masters set intentions and allow the intentions to carry them and the world around them.  But it is never about the outcomes.  It is always and simply, about how to respond to life.  “Today, may I be more loving and thoughtful to myself and others than ever before, for the wellbeing of all.”

So, we set intentions at the beginning of our day, love our hearts relentlessly, and bless everything we see, hear, feel, or think.  May you be blessed.  May you be blessed.  May you be blessed.  I love you, sweet precious one.  I love you.  I love you.  I love you.

This blog was inspired by my teacher, Matt Kahn. You can find out more about his teachings at




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