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The online World of E-commerse is a reminder that we need to do something about our education system. I made it thru the education system but I do not wish to count how many years ago this was. One starting reminder of change for me was how most of what I learned in High School and College was not applicable to anything I would be doing in the future.

While sitting in the School Counselor’s office advocating for a program for my son, I found this quote on the wall:

It is our responsibility as educators to prepare students for their future, not our past. Anonymous

Although signed Anonymous, the Counselor revealed the author of the quote as herself but signed a such since she is not famous. The conversation we were having was interesting because her thoughts were reflected by her quote but she felt confined in her actions by standards that did not make sense.

Many years ago, my wife and I worked for a facility that worked with “At Risk” youths. Education went where it had to at that facility to create success with these children.


I had a transition period in my life that I will call: HEWLETT PACKARD. I named it as such because I worked for them for 1 year building computers (actually Large Library Storage Units). Before that time, I had limited experience with computers and after this time, I entered the World of E-Commerce!

A couple of years ago, I read a book by Michael Ellsberg, The Education of Millionaires. I had to put the book down a couple of times and really think because it made me think is Education over rated or is it mis-directed?

In his book, Michael identified 2 courses that he took in his 4 years at an Ivy League School that applied to what he does. When I read that, I realized how our paths were the same and the 2 courses were the same 2 courses that applied to what I do as well.

In the post: Your Online Business- It’s How You Learn,  I talked about the correlation I saw to Michaels book. I also wrote the following:

My Freshman year at college, I should have guessed what was in store. (Besides the bills!)

During orientation, some of the Seniors were telling us their stories and what our “Ivy League Education” was going to prepare us for. One of the Seniors made this comment and it has stuck with me through the years: You future employers do not want to know what you learned here at college. They want to know that you know HOW TO LEARN.

Do you want to be successful? Monitor The Education for Your Online Business.



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