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I am going to start this a little strange today. (So, what else is new?)

I answered a comment to a previous blog. Here is what I said:

I will be writing a blog today (Your Online Business Connecting Your Future). This will focus on what we need to do in today’s marketing environment vs yesterday’s. I do not believe people are really waiting for the “right” opportunity but what they are waiting for is the “right” person to lead them.

Sometimes you hear different terms in this industry. Here is one that has been recently thrown around: You have to start with the end in mind.

With that comment, let me just state this information: The object of marketing is to create a sale. In today’s world of E-Commerce, the marketing platform has changed. We are in a transition from the marketing of the past to the marketing of the future.

The transition in marketing can be defined by 2 terms: Interruption and Connection.  When you watch TV, when you listen to the radio, when you see bill boards, this is “Offline” Interruption marketing. When you are reading your emails, blogs or going to websites, the ads on the sides, middle and pop ups are examples of “Online” Interruption marketing.

Seth Godin (INBOUND 2013 – Seth Godin Keynote) (find it on You Tube) mentions in his keynote address that people are ignoring Interruption Marketing. The future of marketing is in CONNECTIONS.


In a previous blog (The Education for Your Online Business), I made the following statements:

The online World of E-commerse is a reminder that we need to do something about our education system. I made it thru the education system but I do not wish to count how many years ago this was. One starting reminder of change for me was how most of what I learned in High School and College was not applicable to anything I would be doing in the future.

Another way to phrase this is: MARKETING EDUCATION 101 DOES NOT EXIST!

Years ago, I was in a situation that I did not like. A friend made this comment to me: You’re a product of the 60’s, you don’t like it, change it!

If Marketing Education 101 does not exist, what are you going to do about it?

In Seth Godin’s speech, he stated people are waiting for the right person to lead them. He also often has said they have to pick themselves.





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