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What can you do with a postage stamp?

What can you do with a postage stamp?

I picked up this book a while back and have just investigated why? The title of this article on page 8 caught my attention. Who uses postage stamps anymore? I have use about 8 stamps this past year; less this year. The humble stamp, “what do you have in your wallet?” I looked and found four faded, worn, wrinkled, self sticking “ forever stamps” hiding and neglected for years. I just don’t have reason to use them, I use “cyber mail” 99% of the time. No stamps required, no envelopes, paper, and I can do it all from my desktop computer, laptop, pad, or phone. No stamps required, just a little electricity.

I would like to plug in a quote from the book ( book one of a three volume set), in fact, it is the opening paragraph of vol. one.
“ Last year fifteen billion letters were handled by the post office- one hundred and fifty for every person. Just as a thousand years ago practically all trade was cash, and now only seven per cent involves currency, so nine -tenths of the business is done today by letter while while even a few decades ago it was by personal word. You can get your prospect, turn him into a customer, sell him goods, settle your complaints , investigate credit standing , collect your money- all by letter. And you often better than by word of mouth. For when talking , you speak to only one or two; by letter you can talk to a hundred thousand in a sincere, personal way. So the letter tis the most important tool, in modern business -good letter writing is the business man’s tool in modern business-good letter writing is the business man’s first requirement.”

The amount of mail stated is a little low for today, but probably right on for the year 1911. That is when this “ business book” was published with a title “ “Business Correspondence” vol 1 and published for “The System Company” of New york.
We still use “Mail” for selling, but on a much different format. The basic premises has not changed with “e-mai”l replacing “ snail-mail” and the birth of Social Marketing. Wait, Social marketing was born a long time before the mail, it is just older with new tools.

Another interesting statement “ Just as a thousand years ago practically all trade was cash, and now only seven per cent involves currency,” do you think virtual currency was around back then? Bank checks were the hot currency supported with wire transfer by a bank. Is not that virtual currency? One virtual currency that is making an impact at present is “ Compumatrix Compuceeds, “ and you can read about it at: .


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