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I am looking forward to my portal earnings from the last 6 of 8 months of activity being transferred to my Cryptoceed EWallet, which will make them available for conversion/withdrawal via one of the company approved debit cards! And I am proud to announce that I have been awarded COMPUCEEDS for 5 of those 6 months. I am sure that as soon as things are audited, I will also be awarded the same for the month of April!

What is really exciting is that shortly after the enrollment in the debit card for US members reaches its required number of 1000, I will be able to CONVERT some of my COMPUMATRIX EARNINGS into my local currency (up to $10,000, POSSIBLY $15000 per month!) so that I can do several things:

1) Pay my tithes on the converted funds!
2) Take care of some bills!
3) Purchase new VPC cards (10% minimum) to continue to work the Trading Portal
4) Contribute towards the CAMP ABACO SCHOLARSHIP FUND:
5) Increase my daily living budget so I can live more comfortable!
6) Contribute towards my sons much needed van with a wheelchair lift:
7) Max out my monthly National Insurance Contribution (equivalent to the US Social Security)

Compumatrix is looking for more members that would like to avail themselves of this wonderful opportunity. In fact, there are only a few more opportunities to enroll and qualify to get your debit card for immediate use in the Cryptoceed EWallet. Now is an ideal time to enroll! If you would like to join, send me a message on the form below and I will be more than happy to help you get started!


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