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My Compuceeds Are Valuable

Compuceeds is the premier e-currency of Compumatrix International. Compumatrix is a web technologies company. It is global. It is multinational. What do these words mean? Compumatrix develops solutions to enable people. We build enabling technologies. These technologies is fitted to you like an armor and these are equipped with tools. It is a global business and is present in several countries world wide. It is a direct selling business, we sell virtual prepaid cards.

Something really unique about Compumatrix is that there is NO SIGNUP FEE! You may start with $0 in your Cryptoceed account and earn COMPUCEEDS while producing content, and then get involved in the process of  product production. Our product is Virtual Prepaid Cards. These cards can be used to load COMPUCEEDS into your Cryptoceed account or used in the Trading Portal to produce more Virtual Prepaid Cards for sale internally and to the public! These Virtual Prepaid Cards can also be used to pay for goods and services at companies that have signed up under our merchant program.

Or you can begin by purchasing a virtual Prepaid card (Diamond, Ruby, Gold, or Silver) to start PRODUCT PRODUCTION immediately, while you continue to earn more compuceeds through CONTENT PRODUCTION! You can also earn COMPUCEEDS by allowing World Community Grid to use a portion of your hard drive daily to conduct Project Research in the areas of Cancer and Aids Research! The World Community Grid participation is totally passive!

Participants in our program are paid for their activity with COMPUCEEDS. COMPUCEEDS have been the internal trading currency of our company, and now with the introduction of debit cards for the CONVERSION of our compuceeds into our local currency, we can spend our Cryptoceeds at businesses that have not yet signed up for our merchant program. If you are a business, you may want to consider signing up! Our base is steadily growing.

This development makes our compuceeds even more valuable. With the Debit Card, I will be able to pay my utilities and rent or mortgage, buy gas and food, and other merchandise with my earned compuceeds that are now sitting in my Cryptoceed e-wallet! Look out world, COMPUCEEDS are here, they are real, their value is stable, and they can be earned by participation in one or more of our compuceed earning sites!

Can BITCOIN say YES  to all four of those qualifications? I think not. In fact i would encourage BITCOIN holders to open a Cryptoceed account and exchange their BITCOINS for our more stable ecurrency! You won’t be sorry! If you open a Cryptoceed account because of this article, please put the name “dasands” in the sponsor field as you fill in your profile as required. By doing this, you will be obligating me to be there to assist you, along with our excellent support staff.

Our COMPUCEEDS are presently worth U$1 each. Once we have maxed out our production of COMPUCEEDS via CONTENT PRODUCTION their value is sure to increase, but will never be worth less than U$1! Get in early, and reap the benefits of growing this e-currency as a marketer or user.

Come on now, go to and sign up for your e-wallet, and then send me a message on the form below so that I can assist you in your journey with this wonderful company that I am a part of and get you started earning COMPUCEEDS, the ecurrency of the future! As soon as you let me know, we will get your debit card ordered and your account set up so that you can start earning COMPUCEEDs to CONVERT and put in your pocket!




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