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Very recently I was walking towards my house from a friend’s house. At a open space just beside a very busy road I saw a big crowd of about 3000 people looking at the sky. Wondering what happened, I approached the crowd. At that time I saw a make shift dais erected there and some people are busy arranging things on that dais. I could easily make out that it is a sales promotion by a company. My eyes again turned to the big crowd looking at the sky. I asked one of them as to what they are watching in the sky. He told he joined the crowd looking at the sky and really don’t know what is being looked at the sky. Most people replied in the same tenor. Finally I reached a person in the middle of the crowd and asked him what he is looking at the sky. Let us call this person as Sky Watcher. When Sky Watcher was about to reply, the person from the dais started announcing things about the product. Sky watcher then asked the crowd to first listen to what the person on the dais was telling. “After that I will tell all of you the reason for my looking into the sky”.

The crowd is more interested to listen from the Sky Watcher as to what he is looking into the sky, because of which that big crowd assembled there.

However, as the person on the dais started introducing his product, the crowd slowly got interested to what the person from the dais is telling. In about 10 minutes time the person on the dais completed telling about the uniqueness of his product and also informed that it’s quite cheap to buy that product. People from the crowd slowly moved towards the dais and started buying the product. Although I have not counted, I could say that the person on the dais sold about 1000 numbers of his product. Good enough for that short sales campaign.

The crowd again turned to the Sky Watcher and asked him as to what he is looking in the sky. The Sky Watcher replied in a cool tone, “See I belong to a nearby village. When I started from my village to the city, I saw the moon in my village. But strangely I found the moon in the sky when I reached the city and looked into the sky. I understood that my father might have told the moon to keep a watch on me. When I was looking into the sky puzzled, one after other joined me and the crowd grew this big”. Some people got wild after listening to his reply some got perplexed and most laughed it off. Buy I was not puzzled. I understood that the company doing the sales promotion campaign has engaged him very cleverly.

This goes to prove that sales promotion can be done in many ways. Only thing we should remember is we should be honest in promoting our product.

Our product Compuceeds is an unique product and in addition to online promotion, offline promotion will greatly help in making people realize the importance of our product.


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