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Sorry, I lost faith in you

“I trusted you. You made me put my money into a venture that is where it was. I thought of investing in another venture. If only I would have done that, I would have been floating in money by now. You betrayed a friend”. These were the exact words used by my friend’s friend 3 years back. At that time my friend brought him to me and asked me to advice him. I politely refused saying that investment decisions should be taken by the person investing and not by his friends or associates. Friends can make a suggestion, but the final call needs to be taken by the investor because it is his/her money. Even then both my friend and his friend insisted that I give my inputs. Then taking all pros and cons into consideration, I suggested a venture, but told him to evaluate the suggestion and take the final call. He bluntly said that he will go by my suggestion and there is no question of evaluating it. I told him to please himself.

But I felt guilty when my friend’s friend told those words three years back. At that time I owed not to render any investment advices. I generally won’t go wrong in my suggestions, but for the first time I failed. I always tell people that my suggestions are recommendatory and not mandatory.

Yesterday I suddenly ran into my friend’s friend. I was feeling awkward and wanted to avoid him. But he stopped me and he was all smiles. I was perplexed.

“I know you may be wondering why I am all smiles. The matter is like that brother. First I want to apologize for my blunt talk three years back. The matter is the venture you suggested has surpassed all other ventures and by selling a fraction of what I invested, I got nearly 5 times my investment and still I am left with nearly 80% of what I was holding. I must thank you for your sane advice”. He nearly hugged me and was all praise for me. I then was very relieved and told him that investment is like horse racing. The winning horse of a lengthy race will always be in the back in the beginning. But it will surpass all others and wins the race.

There are two types of benefits in any venture, and they are short time benefits and long time benefits. A venture with firm foundation will give long term benefits.

Our Company is with firm foundations and it will give incomparable benefits in the long run. So those who think that they are waiting for a long time to realize benefits can expect handsome benefits in the near future.


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