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I Need to Get Back to Blogging


I have been at a loss lately. Being stuck in your tracks is a hard measure to deal. Not writing has been harder than I imagined. However, I have been keeping myself busy with a multitude of other endeavors. tracking down a few people and helping them get their Netspend cards in order and their accounts situated is NOT my idea of a sufficient workload. In addition, I have been trying to get other marketing ventures in place but to no means!

Ever since my Mac went down, I have been at a loss. The Need to Blog can be similar to the need to talk with someone “at 2:00am” in the morning. the need may be there but the friendship won’t last if the EXCUSE ISN’T BIG ENOUGH!

My Mac was only 4 months old. Now, I am sitting here in the library doing what I like: BLOGGING!


The best part of writing this blog is knowing that members will reading and writing their comments. This reminds me of the Whoopie Goldberg movie: Jumping Jack Flash. In the movie, she worked on a computer and someone was trying to make contact to get out of a “spy” situation that went bad. The reason I run this parallel is because in this realm of Blogging, we try to reach out there to make contact with someone. We are not spies trying to be rescued but we are communicators trying to relay a story.

I was shy growing up and had to push myself into uncomfortable situation so I could succeed at what the task that lay in front of me was. When someone says, “wow, you have a gift in blogging”, I have to remember the struggles I pursued to create that gift at all. Similarly, someone starts and business, works at it for years being torn apart by family and friends then they finally succeed. NOW, they have all the support in the world from all those that tried to take away the dream that was so dear to them. Do you know why it was so dear? For them to succeed, they had to hold it so strongly against all the odds everyone was stacking against them.



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