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Compumatrix Mumbai Airport?

Compumatrix and Mumbai Airport In Common?

Watching a documentary about the Mumbai Airport, I had flash backs to Compumatrix growth. The old airport still exists in Mumbai, but it does not serve the needs. Like Compumatrix, change was needed and new technology paired with determination allowed for that change.

The Mumbai Airport is located next door to a large city slum community housing a vast number of people, separated by a narrow road and a barb-wired topped fence. The congested road was the only entrance to the airport creeping along at less than 6 miles per hour. Traffic being the major problem, both vehicle and Airplane access was the most crucial with humans in the for-front for access to travel. The airport daily flights had to be doubled, as the accesses had to be greatly improved.

Problem: Space was restricted for all three challenges. Moving to a new location was not feasible, so the space was what it was. It just had to be used more efficiently.

Compumatrix was not working as needed, we had the people but the method of travel was restricted and the format had to be redesigned, keeping the main concept in tack. Implementation had to be with something totally new and un-tested. The old direction was choked with blocked avenues and dead-end routes. New avenues had to be blazed with unknown results. Ruts, ravines, bumps and mountains scaled, with ruts being filled, bridges built across ravines while smoothing out the bumps leaving the mountains to be conquered.

Sloution: Mumbai built a cantilevered six lane highway above the slums allowing the trip to the airport to be 20 minutes instead of several hours. Redesigning the terminal to handle 75 more flights a day was done with innovation design and construction never done before. Handling the added human traffic challenge was met with a brilliant design for the observers on a second floor 1 million square foot windowed wall that is the first of its kind, and it is quiet by muffling the noise of the jet engine. All done with the creative efforts and determination for the desire to make things better.

goldfish jumping out of the water

Compumatrix is in a new pond.


Compumatrix is at the same stage, redesigned with innovative new technology created to make things better, all from the creativity and determination that has led us to the reality of a concept planted by one man, seeking to make life better. Climb aboard, it is people compatible, it is on the move.


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