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As I see more members pouring into our “little” company (LOL), I realize one day, I will be able to go anywhere for a vacation and see the area from the perspective of the native livelihood. Months ago, one of our member share a photo of the surrounding country side nearby where they lived. I marveled at the prospect of seeing exactly that view as if I were the one to take that photo. Then it hit me. Compumatrix Ambassador!

We live in Colorado and there are some of the most breathe taking views here in the World. I know because I have shown them to many people that have come to visit. We are originally from New York City. We have seen all the sites in New York. Why? Because when we lived there, we showed them to all our friends when they would come to visit.

Are you seeing what I am seeing YET? We know the sites and have seen the sites because we took time to show them off to people that came to visit. If we didn’t have visitors, would we have seen all these sites? Maybe!


Over the years, our Compumatrix family has kept us together. We have had disagreements (like siblings) and well wishes and prayers. (We fight like family but you don’t mess with our family either!)

As extended family, I would like to be able to visit so many of you. That being impossible, I guess Henry will just have to expect to see all of us at his house!

Actually, a Cruise would be really nice. The word is out that we might meet in Las Vegas as well! Whatever we do, I would like to be able to plan meeting as many of our “Family” as I can because we have stuck together (sometimes like glue, sometimes like sh–).

Whatever! Family is family and there is no family like our Compumatrix Family!





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