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Is Your Online Business Mutually Beneficial


If something is beneficial for one and also beneficial for another, it is mutually beneficial. At least that is the way I see it! The reason I am writing about this is so we can explore the idea of combined efforts within the market place.

The other day, we were discussing this because Compumatrix opens the door to a massive variety of opportunities. Some people do not fully understand just what Compumatrix is all about (including me). Surprised to hear me say this? You shouldn’t be. We can draw a parallel of understanding if I were to ask you to explain the current monetary system. It is beyond taking a dollar bill to a store and paying for a product. The intricate details would involve a conversation with the fact that the dollar bill is a debt instrument. (No further discussion on this is necessary.)

All this and I haven’t approached the idea of: IS YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL.

Let’s dive in.

The discussion we were having the other day is that Compumatrix does not stand by itself. It is an avenue of exchange for the E-Commerce Global Economy. It is a way that people can get paid for what they do online much as Bank employees are paid for handling others financial matters. Compumatrix produces Compuceeds (a Virtual Currency).


As I was getting around to this idea, or discussion the other day was related to how we can have mutually beneficial online business cooperation. By this, we were looking at the combination of what we do here at Compumatrix with another online business. Henry has stated several times that he would like to see us offer our businesses to other members in our online store. 

In my blog post: The Vision of Your Online Business, I borrowed from another author:

In his article (Compuceeds Accepted Here), author Santosh wrote the following:

That day is not very far when all members of Compumatrix, whether founding members or new members will be the happiest people on earth.

Tomorrow belongs to “Compuceeds”.

Can you offer a cooperative online business arrangement that will be mutually beneficial while engaged with your Compumtrix business?





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