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Is Stealing dreams a crime?

Dream thieves are criminals!

Do not let anyone steal your dreams! So many dream thieves are out lurking with their black bags, just waiting to pounce on the dreamers. Dreamers are fair game and need to be on the lookout for the “thieves of dreams.” Hard to spot, disguised as friends, family, religious groups or people of authority and superior knowledge, but all are after one thing, to steal your dreams. Thieves hang out in coffee shops and church pews, in parks, busy streets, strolling, walking the dog. Gathered around the table at holidays and birthday celebrations, but the most influential are gathered at the workplace. I was accosted and almost had a dream stolen at my family health clinic. No place is safe from the dream thieves.

Most dream thieves do not know they steal dreams, thinking the advice or curt word are for guidance intended for the well-being of your future. You, after all, are not wise enough to know what you want to do.

The educational system we submit our children to are notorious for stealing dreams under the auspice of preparing a child to be successful citizen. Parents are next in line for allowing and helping a child’s dream to be stolen. There are so many words in our dictionary, the most destructive is the word “can’t.” You can’t do that! You can’t do this. Why can’t you just be normal? Can’t you..yada, yada, yada! I believe that one word has destroyed a gadzillion dreams and cheated all of us out of some great inventions, music, literature and art.

I was a victim of a dream stealer that was a “Guidance counselor” in my high school education pursuit. He told me I was only suited for factory work and I would be good at it. We had only one factory in the town I was raised in. How did he know I was best suited for working there? He had never seen me work and I doubt he was ever in a factory. I did all the artwork for the high school, but he never asked if I liked art. To this day I cannot understand a mentality such as his being a “Guidance Counselor” with the responsibility to “guide” young people on a path of life. I followed his intelligent scholarly advice , and landed a job in a factory, after all, he knew me best and was educated to know what I needed.

I tried factory work, hated it, didn’t continue with it and became an Art Teacher, I had a passion for art, loved art, created art on the margins of books, grocery bags, my pants, yes, even my pants! I drew designs on my pants. My mom would just laugh and Dad would say, “ I am not buying new ones for you, you draw on em, you wear em!” That was ok with me, I was asked on a few occasions to “ draw on some others pants also. The path I followed in my early 20’s was determined by a dream I had for as long as I could remember, I went to the University to become an Art Teacher. I followed my dream and kept it alive despite people knowing what was better for me. I did not let anyone steal my dream, they tried, failed and later focused their attention to some other dreamer, hoping that victim will be weaker than I was.


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