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The World is constantly changing. People are moving into the Information Age and slowly out of the Industrial Age. As each New Age is defined, the remnants of the previous ages do not disappear but they diminish in prominence.

We have entered into a World of E-commerce that is guided by electronic conveyance of information, value and monetary transferability. With this, we see digital currency as a means of funding our purchases and activity. Providing the location of our information can be by means of digital marketing. By location, I am referring to where someone can access the information that they are in “Search” of. With various techniques of digital marketing, one can match their information with someone that is willing to cause the information to become “monetized”.


Take into account the information above and come to the realization that there is value in everybody. Over the years, this value may or may not be realized dependent on the motivation of the one that holds the value and their willingness and desire to share. When I speak of sharing and particularly thru the Internet, the subject of Social Media often comes to mind. Compumatrix utilizes social media channels (ie Face Book, Blogging, Forums, Twitter, etc) to convey the values of its membership.

I have almost completed an Information Report that I will market thru the Compumatrix store. The intent is to market this information outside of Compumatrix but the product can only be purchased with Compuceeds. The goal was a 3,000 word report conveying information regarding The Advantages of Compumatrix. It is almost complete however, it is already beyond the goal.

There are similar platforms on the Internet (and I will not name them). We could talk about the value of this platform vs that platform but there is no comparison between them and Compumatrix. Among these differences, one in particular stands above the crowd and that difference is in the ability for your productivity to be monetized thru the compensation of Compuceeds.



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