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Compumatrix, Are You Building it for Yourself


I was watching a video with Steve Wozniak. Steve made a comment that you must first build it for yourself. If you don’t, you are building it for someone else and not for yourself. You must first build it for fun. Steve Wozniak, “I spent a long time in my life building little devices for fun. For fun is one of the key things because it drives you to think….”

I spent years in the mlm industry not really getting it! Initially, it was fun then the fun wore off. I found myself asking homeless people if they wanted to be “financially independent”! It wasn’t really that bad but I thought I might get better results with people that did actually hit bottom.

Do you see bank executives walking into the grocery store asking cashiers if they want to become a teller in their bank? (Actually, one of our tellers worked in the grocery store for years then all of a sudden, she is a teller!) Most people see a job they want and go after it. It’s not the other way around.


Have you wondered what it takes to be successful with an online business?

I am glad you have an inquisitive mind.

Like watching Evan Carmichael’s video featuring Steve Wozniak, I spend a little time each day researching this business of ours. What does Evan Carmichael have to do with Compumatrix? He probably hasn’t even heard of Compumatrix, yet!

You Tube is a great place to do research. Who do you subscribe to? Evan is one of the people I subscribe to and occasionally, I will pop into a video or 2 of his to glean a little insight. When you understand how someone else thinks, you can copy some of their success patterns. There are people that put out a ton of You Tube Videos that provide a lot of free training. (Of course they want to sell you something but even if you wanted to buy, don’t you want to know more about them?)

Who are you? After all, this is about You and Your Compumatrix Business!

You can’t hide behind that company banner forever! At sometime, you will want to buy something with your Compuceeds. It will not matter if you walk into a store or you are purchasing online. Someone will ask you about your business.

How you answer will determine if you are in business or not. This Is about YOU AND YOUR COMPUMATRIX BUSINESS.




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