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Where Were You When You Found Compumatrix


When I was a child, we didn’t go very many places. Our vacation was to go out to the end of Long Island, New York. This is a trip we drove out to. Riding the train was something you did in the city. We had the L right down the street and into the tunnel it went. The subway was a way of life. For too many people in the city, this would be all they will ever do.

I was adventurous. After high school, my friends and I took off on a cross country road trip. It was fun then we had to go to task to put our lives together. We moved on to our various careers. Most people get bored in their career and change often. I never got bored but changed scenery often going to different schools to teach and use my creativity.

This wasn’t the case for my husband. He changed entire careers and found himself lost. While “searching for himself”, he found a life waiting for him on the Internet. This is when he found Compumatrix.


We often get lost trying to find out who we are. In the blog post “Tap Into Your Own Creativity“, I wrote the following:


In the video I mentioned above, Arianna Huffington talked about getting enough sleep because if you are well rested, you probably will be more productive. She found this the hard way when she fainted at her desk, cracked her cheek bone and required stitches for her forehead.

What do you need to do so you can tap into your own creativity? Some people need to just “get away” from it all. It may be your environment that holds you back. Have you considered “taking an electronics break”? You may need to turn off all your electronics and just spend time in your own mind.

In a book I read years ago, there was a business man that carried a note pad in his shirt pocket. While he traveled by train, he would fall asleep and when he awoke, he would find solutions to his problems written in the note pad. A fellow traveler commented about him writing in this note pad and seeming to be asleep at the time. He assured the other traveler that he was indeed asleep and this was when he received his best solutions.

(You might want to read that post especially the part about the $Million Dollar idea!)

I cracked up laughing when I watched her video. She was a foreigner so some of her ideas didn’t sink. Until, they started working! She put “Nap Rooms” in her office after her little incident. People raised their eye brows on that. She raised her eye brow when she walked past a “nap room” and saw 2 people walking out!


My contention is that Compumatrix found you!

Compumatrix brings a new concept the the World of E-commerce. Actually, it’s not so much that it is a new concept as it is refined concept. If you are like most people, you had an urge to do more with your life or do something different! Now, you have the opportunity “and responsibility”. 




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