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Come in, have a cup, its addicting.

Have a cup, its addicting

Happy any day world, wherever you are. I see some gifts to open, piles of ’em. I need to get busy, I opened one a little while ago. I made a pot of fresh coffee with beans from Columbia. I have coffee every morning, but don’t think much about the beans. We have none in the lower states that I know of. Hawaii has some great coffee beans, but I cannot remember buying any beans from Hawaii.
South America has a lot of beans, Africa also, I am sure many areas have coffee beans, but not in the USA. In Wisconsin we have Milk, beer, and cheese. We also have fish, but non of them make good coffee. Cheese and fish clog up the grinder. We do add milk or cream to the coffee. We just pick the coffee off the grocery shelf without giving it much thought. But what a gift it is, and to be able to have such a variety to choose from.
Growing up, Mom would go to the store, grab a can of ” o’clock coffee. Did not matter as it was labeled Percolator, or drip. If you wanted strong coffee, you just added more grounds. 8 O’clock coffee was the only brand I remember that you could buy the whole beans and grind it in the store machine. The smell was fantastic, and addicting. That is the reason I am a coffee addict, smelling the aroma of fresh store supplied 8 O’clock coffee. Growing up, my alarm was moms coffee pot perking on the stove, absolutely the best smell in the world, I can close my eyes and still have a waft of her fresh coffee aroma tickle my nose. Coffee perking in a Ice shack, drove me to hard-core coffee addiction. Dad would just make a ritual out of having a cup. Always put whole cream in his, said” it give it that nutty flavor.” I tried it but stuck to just pure black coffee, the kind Mom would make. Dad said hers was so strong, ” it would take paint off!”

Now I go to the store, stand and stare, smell to my heart’s content at coffee from all over the world; whole bean, ground, packed in every convenient method dictated by our needs to have it fast, hot, portable, from a variety of brew stations, transported via plastic cups, ceramic mugs, thermos’, and French press take along’s, as we drive, walk, peddle, and push baby carts, keyboard, talk, sell, or direct others to the coffee pot we just emptied. We clutch steaming cups as we gab, chat, text, email, respond too, and pay bills standing in line using our ” Smart phone” while we wait for our turn to get a fresh cup to go, because we don’t want to run dry in the middle of something. A Smart phone is not that smart, can’t grind, perk, steam or brew a cup, just the virtual kind with no smell.
But I am sure, a coffee App will be next with a little cup squeezed out of a ” port” at some time in the near future. I hope it will smell as good as fresh ground I am drinking now.
I need a refill, hug often, Love more, share of much.

Ps: How about a chain of ” Roast and Paint Studios” to sit,create and have a cup?


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