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COMPUMATRIX The Lightening Energy


Sometimes we sit in amazement at the energy around us. Other times, we find ways to harvest that energy. Before attempting to harvest anything, energy or otherwise, be sure to fully understand what you are dealing with.

Lightening is a powerful force of nature. It is something that has encouraged us to dream stronger and desire to do more with our lives. You probably haven’t thought about Lightening in this sense before. How many times have you stood at your window in amazement of a Lightening storm then shutter at the thought of being near the window or anything metal as the storm approaches? How many times have you read stories of scientist attempting to harvest Lightening or have been amazed that someone would foolishly tie a key to a kite string (Good ole Ben).

As the night sky lights up, you enjoy for the moment seeing the surrounds just before it fades to total darkness once again. Have you driven home at night only to have the entire country side brighten as if it were day light then vanish as your eyes attempt to re-correct once again.

Last night was one of those nights. We ran around the house turning everything off as the first surge of electricity from the storm plummeted us into total darkness with a short loss of electricity in the house. The flash and the crack were instantaneous. The next morning, the accompanying photo told the story of the power and the damage of un-controlled Lightening Energy.


When I saw this tree this morning, I knew there was power that is all around us. I thought about this power as I accessed my Compumatrix business. This may not be a plausible parallel I am running here but it resides in my mind. Being in business is power. This is all about EMPOWERMENT.

Lightening is unstructured power. We do not understand how to deal with something that is unstructured. I’m sure there are teams of scientists out there right now following the latest lightening storms finding ways to structure this energy just as they have structured hydro-energy. As a consumer, we tend to focus on the finished product.

However, our finished product is Compumatrix. It is not in its finished state as it is a work in progress but for us as business owners, we are focused on this harnessed energy (or business). Over the years, many of us have stood guard over our company. This includes loosing some friends that told us to turn away from our dreams, hopes and plans (they always had a better one).

Compumatrix is not only a work in progress but it is formulating an industry that is changing our view of the Business World.




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