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While thinking about this song, I came up with the idea: Writers in the Sky. This is to relate to the bloggers from Compumatrix. Our paper on which we write is all virtual. As we spread our message throughout the waves of the Internet, we will touch many people. Will the message be one that they will embrace or will they brush this message as though it does not relate to them.

In the song Ghost Riders in the Sky, the words sink in deep as a message to the Cowboy riding across the range. He is being warned by the “ghost riders” that if he doesn’t change his ways, HE WILL RIDE THE ENDLESS RANGE WITH THEM CHASING THE DEVIL’S HERD.

What message do we extend when we write in our blog here at Compumatrix


Today, we sat down and read and re-read all the information we could find on the cell phones and computers. We gathered information and one of our members asked if this information could be located in one place. Sometimes, we get a little ahead of ourselves (not only as members of Compumatrix). We get lost in our our fast-past world of instant responses. Sometimes we forget (or do not understand) that action we just performed in 3 seconds took a programer 2 months to write the code for.

As a blogger, we have the fun and responsibility to write content that is beneficial for the reader. When we write, we are adding to the value of our overall business. Our business is at times overwhelming. It’s often just the right wording or just the right touch that will change their future. Have you ever read something and found a totally different meaning than others found? The message may have been yours alone.

What is the special message in this writing that was meant just for you? Is that you Ghost Writer in the Sky




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