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The popularity of shopping online has grown in recent years. There is a shift developing but with any shift, there are still remnants of the “old” standards. Everyone likes to look at and touch something they are about to buy. When you are familiar enough with some of the same items you buy on a regular basis, making a transition to make that purchase online is not a problem.

As I stated, there are often remnants of the old ways when we make transitions. This is also evident within this transition from offline shopping to online shopping. With this in mind, we will soon see people in stores “feeling” their way through their shopping then reach for their Smart Phone point it at the sales tag, click and their purchase is complete!


With the advent of new technology, new ideas and methods come into play every day. Compumatrix will emerge as a front leader not only in the World of Virtual Currency, but also in the World of E-commerce.

As technology slowly trudges forward (at the speed of light), we will see that vision of combining the offline and online shopping capabilities. What I described above with the smart phone is an example of establishing a faster and smoother online payment system. This is the world that Compumatrix is poised to be a leader within. One company can not do it all but it will take everyone pulling together for a more complete cooperative effort.

The Compumatrix virtual currency, Compuceeds, are beginning their journey in the process of establishing a Financial Network of payment systems and online sales. Compumatrix has initiated sales from their online store. (I recently ordered a MacBook Pro Computer and 2 Samsung Cell Phones!)

What will your first purchase be when you become a member of the Compumatrix Community?




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