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Confessions of a scanner

Practically all of us when we were younger were asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” For some people this is an easy question to answer, but for others it is still a question that they ask themselves later in life. They have so many gifts and talents, that to choose one and concentrate on it as a career is nigh on impossible

People like this, will have had many occupations and interests over the years and after a while have the need to move on and do something different, often quite frequently. They do not fit into the normal scenario of having a job interest that takes them through life to retirement.

Typically these people learn new skills very quickly, master them and then get bored and want to move on to the next interest. Often they reach a very high standard in whatever they do.


Even though they reached a very high standard in their activities, interests and jobs they still have felt a fraud, guilty and a failure in their life. Why?

Because they have never been able to stick to anything – They’ve become bored with what they were doing and wanted to move on to the next thing. They have many projects not finished, books half read and lots of plans and ideas that have not yet seen the light of day.

Often it has been suggested to them ”Why don’t you choose one of your talents and just concentrate on that one?” They have tried this time and time again only to find they’ve wanted to move on sooner or later. They tend to be seen  and labeled as lazy, shallow, trying to sabotage themselves, and that they lacked character. Sometimes they are accused of giving up when the going gets tough, which is not true. They come to think of themselves in this way too and think they had a disability and were not normal. They think they are the only ones with this problem.


I am one of these people. For me my life changed when I read a book three weeks ago by Barbara Sher entitled “Refuse to Choose”. In this book she described my life as it was, complete with all my so-called “failures”: My lack of stick ability, my incomplete tasks and projects, my need to explore new areas. She also described how I felt about myself.

Barbara Sher is a life coach, among many things and has written many books worth reading.

She puts people into two major categories DIVERS and SCANNERS. Divers are people who have the ability to stick to one thing and do it well.

Scanners are people who like to do a lot of different things and then move on to something else. They tend to scan the horizon for something new. They’re inquisitive, they like to learn, do new things, think outside of the box

 She says this is just the way we’re wired, it is not a fault or a failing. It is just who we are. Some of the great people were scanners. They include people like Aristotle, Ben Franklin, Goethe, Leonardo Da Vinci. So we’re in good company.

Then just last week I was surfing Youtube and came across a TEDx talk by Emilie Wapnick entitled “Why some of us don’t have one True Calling. This again showed I was not alone in my dilemma. Her website puttylike dot com reveals posts by many people who have the same challenges.

So why am I confessing all this ? Because it seems that I’m far from alone in this kind of life. It may be of help to the thousands of guilt ridden, so-called failures just like me and some of them may even be in this membership. I have come to accept that it is OK to be me – a scanner


Compumatrix is a company that can accommodate both the Scanners and the Divers.

The Diver can concentrate on building his business and reap great rewards and will be able to earn a very good living just concentrating on the Compumatrix business. He or she can gain immense satisfaction from being part of such a wonderful company.

Compumatrix also caters for the mentality of the Scanners in many ways. Here are ways that Compumatrix can help a scanner.

(a) Being a worldwide company they can work their business anywhere in the world as long as they have internet connections and a laptop therefore it caters to their desire to travel.

(b) They can earn as much or as little as they need – in other words, it can be full-time or part time, allowing them to pursue their other activities.

(c) They can work when they like and where they like

(d) By selling VPCs offline they have can have access to ready cash if they need it.

(e) If they are teachers It can meet their need to teach and help as they introduce others to the business and show them what to do and help them get established 

(f) There is plenty of content that they can use to make videos and  presentations to help to promote Compumatrix.

(g) If they have a talent for writing they can meet their need to write by writing blogs on the Compumatrix site. They will have a ready-made audience and they get paid to write and they get paid when it’s read.

(h) By advertising on the site they could, if they wanted to, sell their products created through their other talents and get paid in Compuceeds.

These are just a few of the areas scanners will benefit by having a Compumatrix business and I’m sure they’ll think of more ways too. So whether you are a Diver or a scanner, Compumatrix has a place for you.


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