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Compumatrix is Making My Wife So Happy


Just the other day, my wife mentioned that Amazon is now her favorite site! Only 2 days later, we are listening to the Compumatrix conference call and Henry announces we will be integrating Amazon, E-Bay and Alibaba. 

She jumped up with all her excitement and uttered something that I really could not understand!

The next 2 days, we were on the Amazon website countless times just looking at various products that we would have to be buying anyway over the next year. I wonder if they have this or, I wonder if they have that on their website! Wow, it has been a wonder if we could get anything else done.

In between salivating over the website, I managed to find some time to help a recently enrolled member sign up his second referred member and we are working on another. He made a comment while we were working on this 3rd sign up about her concern over buying school supplies for her kids and then there is Christmas. I told him, this will help her get through those difficult times!


There are too many families that hold 3-4 jobs between husband and wife just to pay all the bills. When the family breaks down, if 3-4 jobs couldn’t pay the bills, how will a single mom with 2-4 kids make it? Families are pushed beyond the limits for financial reasons. How many grand parents are raising the kids so mom and day can work all these hours? If a family needs about $1000 extra income, how many hours are they away from their family if they find a part time job paying $10 an hour? (the answer isn’t just 100 hours since they will incur other expenses by working more as well!)

The purpose of Compumatrix isn’t just to go shopping but for all those purposes in between. One of the goals of the Compumatrix Founder, Henry Banayat, has always been to help people all over the World that are unemployed or under employed to find meaningful work on the Internet.



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