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We can learn from the Mulberry trees

It's How You LearnWritten by Ron Murray as told by Mr.Bean

It is a gift to have mulberry trees in my backyard and when they are ripe I have a handful each morning. I see a multitude of birds feeding that I find very interesting. The birds are a jewel of pure nature and so unaggressive to life. They are truly a moment to moment life force that captures the serenity we all seek.

Early morning ,standing out by the mulberry trees looking at the last of the berries, reaching up touching one or two and feeling their condition. The berries did not have the shine as the last effort of the tree to produce its wonderful bounty. Most of the berries were looking dry with some having an aged appearance. Little wrinkles and small in stature, the berries were a shadow of when they were full and glistening in the sun.

The berries were nestled in the leaves as if jewels hidden from thieves. Thieves were plenty when the berries were plentiful. Birds, squirrels, mice and even humans would push the lush green leaves aside to pick the dark purple jewels. Now, only a few dull, dark, small and wrinkled berries still hang with determination, “not to let go,” are not totally visible,being partially hidden by the vibrant green clumps of leaves.

The Mulberry tree is kind of a social center in the back yard. Birds of all descriptions converge in the trees, each with a song mixed with others creating a concert of sort, not totally pleasant to hear. Ground critters take a rest in the shade while looking for tidbits that have dropped from above. Insects, especially spiders, spin artistic webs that glisten in the sunlight be-speckled with jewels of the morning dew. Bigger birds, such as the crows sit highest on the tallest limbs and crow their stuff, reminding me of politicians. The finer more delicate birds hop from limb to limb, not staying on one for more than a few seconds. This is a defense device not to stay in one place too long. It always fascinated me how fast some of them move from limb to limb. Some humans have this same defense device, always on the move.

One can learn a lot about life watching mulberry trees in the back yard. We all have a role, and something to offer, if we would just take the time to find out what it is. Unlike the critters that visit my backyard that are predetermined in their role, we have one attribute that puts us on a different path. We have a choice, and our attitude will determine what that choice is. We choose where we are headed and what we will do as we travel the path we are on.


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