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Haven’t you heard the stories of the kid that was 5 years old and announced what they were going to do with their life? (Then did it!)

I won’t spend too much time on this but I will share one story to show the struggle that someone with determination must go thru to overcome obstacles in their lives to achieve levels of accomplishment.

Years ago, I read a story of a Journalist that had been employed for about a year when given an assignment that she was not sure she could do. The assignment was to write an article about people over coming Welfare and getting out of this crutch because of a “new” push in the Welfare Department to assist people getting back on their own feet. The story was difficult because she was from a 3rd generation family of Welfare recipients. At the age of 5, she announced to her family that she was going to go to College. (This is when her troubles began.) Her family went out of their way to strike down that dream all of her life. She was persistent and made it happen.

I don’t want to spend all day on this story but just enough time to ask you: How Bad do You Want It?


In the blog post (Culture of Compumatrix), I wrote the following:

With Compumatrix, we have our own community. To understand this better, go to You Tube and do a search for this video: Amanda Palmer: The art of asking. The reason you need to watch this is to get an insight to the possibilities of a culture community. In her video, Amanda talks about people driving by shouting: “get a job”. She recognized that they did not relate to her community. They did not see/find/understand the connection that she formed with other people and they were outside of this connection.

I have been mesmerized by this video ever since I first watched it (emphasis the word first). I have been watching similar videos since and trying to “find myself” and “find my focus” through these videos. Some of the videos I have watched lately were talking about inspiration and where some of the authors’ thoughts have come from (specifically relating this to coming from outside of themselves).

I no longer see Compumatrix as a business (alone) but I see it as a source of energy. Not only is it not “only” a business but it is also more than a source of energy. It has become a source of FOCUS.





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