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The Compumatrix Lift Off


More than 90% of the Rocket Fuel is used to get the Rocket its first foot off the ground.

I was thinking about this yesterday but I didn’t know why until today. While reading thru some of our posts in the Forum, I realized why this thought was going thru my head. Just like the Rocket lifting the Space Shuttle into space, we are in a “lift off” of our own here at Compumatrix. We have spent years getting it fine tuned and just right for this Lift Off.

A couple of days ago, I published this about Compumatrix (Compumatrix and the Early Adopter):

Right now, our members are the consumers that would be considered: EARLY ADOPTERS.

COMPUMATRIX has pushed past the stage considered: the Innovators. That process has been worked thru and the company, the product and the concept has been realized. The initial EARLY ADOPTERS are no longer standing outside in the cold in line waiting for the doors to open. The doors are open (but somebody “ingeniously” is setting the timing of our open house). We are slowly telling the world that we have arrived and we have planned and worked that plan.

With the stages of acceptance of new products and new ideas, most of the energy is spent in that first foot of Lift Off!


In the World of Technology, 50 years is a long time. 50 years ago, Space Travel had become a reality with less technology than the technology we now have in our cell phone. Could you imagine someone coming up to you and saying, “I’m going to use my cell phone and send you to the moon!” 

We are “technically speaking” telling you the same thing when we tell you, “We can assist you making a payment anywhere in the flash of an instant! And, we will show you how you can monetize your time you spend on the Internet.”

Have you ever looked at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? If you are not aware, copy it a paste it into Google. We are stuck pretty much in the fist 2 levels most of our lives, aren’t we? Do you ever see yourself reaching the level of “Self Actualization”? I see all of us there but 90% of our energy is centered around getting out of our physiological needs and safety needs. 

You see yourself through the work you do. Being a part of Compumatrix allows me to see the potential of  reaching the goal of Self Actualization.

Do you see that as a potential for yourself in what “ever” it is you do?

Speaking of potential in another post I wrote (Compumatrix The Unlimited Income),

After they got started and when they came up for air, you had terms running thru your head like centralized and decentralized currencies and all these Government regulations that are complied with, Forums and Portals and then there’s this “Mining Blog” OH MY!

Then you asked the question: “Can I make an unlimited income?”

 Here is how I handle this type of question:

  1. Have you ever made an unlimited income before?
  2. What qualifies as an unlimited income?
  3. How many unlimited income offers in the past have you ever made ANY money with?

When I get answers to those questions, then the last question to ask is this: “How hard are you willing to work?” 

The key to the Compumatrix Lift Off is in your hand. At the stroke of a keyboard and the click of a mouse, you can change your World and you can change your life.




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