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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


For some reason, I had this image in my mind of Bugs Bunny holding up this book in an alley in New York City trying to defend himself against dogs that are going to attack him. They see the title of the book and all run off. Bugs flips the book around to see what scared them and realized he gave them a prize to chase. That prize? Here is the title of the book: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

When you think about New York City, you don’t think about tress and grass, you think about the concrete jungle. Growing up in New York, a tree was an oddity. Yes, there were many of them there but “in the city”, they seemed to grow out of the sidewalk. There was an area cut out of the sidewalk and a steel grate within and in the middle, here is this skinny tree.

So, when I think about that tree in Brooklyn, I like to think about those in the back yards instead. Some of the buildings in a New York City block were all attached but there may be a courtyard behind and maybe a tree or 2 with a sparse patch of grass. No one really went back there but if you had a window towards the back, you could see it.

Brooklyn is one of the 5 Boroughs of New York City. These Boroughs are also Counties of New York. Most people know cities within a county but New York City is comprised of 5 counties within a city. The five boroughs are: Manhattan (Manhattan County), Brooklyn (Kings County) Queens (Queens County) Bronx (Bronx County) and Staten Island (Richmond County).

Thinking about this title, I think about solitude. Trees by themselves grow different than trees in a forest. People are often like this. When they are together, they have a different aspect about them. By themselves, they have to brave all the elements alone.


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