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Listen to the Rain


I was sitting by the window trying to wrap my mind around where I am. The window was open and I heard something outside. When I shifted my focus outside, I was pleasantly surprised to find the source of this sound. It was gently falling rain. As I sat there, I thought to myself: why am I listening to the rain?

Immediately, several things rushed thru my mind. First, I was being distracted from what I was researching on the Internet regarding Nevada Corporations. Then I realized this is a very gentle falling rain yet it entered my senses as if there was nothing else around me. This was deep for me because I realized this so very soft sound had overcome my thoughts on anything else. Additionally, I had to think about where I am versus where I could have been.


Something so simple as a soft rainfall can give you the deepest insight of where you are and how you measure your life.

Listening to the rain just then gave me the realistic view of how my life really changed. Several times growing up, I could sit by a window and contemplate while listening to the rain. I used to love riding in a car in New York City during a rainstorm listening to the rain as it pounded down on the car and the city streets. Even sitting in the window at home watching people scurry about through the rain storm as they went about their every day lives, I often wondered if they even were aware.

My life is different now and I no longer am of need of intense pounding of the rain for it to catch my attention. Often, I can hear just the slightest of rainfall. This often puts things in perspective for me. One time back in upstate New York, I was working on a Forestry project. We had 3-4 chainsaws running at the time. One of the crew members signaled us to cut the saws, which we did. When we asked why, he told us he heard White Tail Deer behind us. We joked about him hearing them over the saws when others would not hear them even without the saws. When we looked down the hill behind us, there they were (wondering why we stopped the saws).



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