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What I love about Compumatrix is that it allows each of us to honor that which we are, that which cherish and that which we most want to do! Whether it be art, photography, writing, connecting with people, creating a small business, rescuing animals… The possibilities are endless.

In essence, it gives us the ability to thrive. And thriving people can live life as it is meant to be lived–with joy, love and excitement. That is how we can best honor life–by living it to the fullest!

My vision for my life as we move into this next phase with Compumatrix is of connecting with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, telling them about the options they have with Compumatrix. I have a special place in my heart for the homeless. So I am excited to build a way for them to access Compumatrix, and begin to heal and function again.

But equally as exciting to me, is the chance to do things that I have not had the chance to do in my life yet. I want to really get to know a horse, and learn to take care of it and ride it well. I want to discover whether my dream of hang gliding is something that I will really enjoy, or whether it will scare me to pieces!

And I am excited to be developing and using my talents and abilities. Teaching, writing, facilitating, holding space… These are things that feel worthwhile to me, and things that I have always done and will always do. But I would like to do them better, and to expand the ways that I use them.

What are your dreams and ideas?  What if they are just glimpses into the future that is awaiting your arrival?  May you be blessed with the abundance, excitement and joy that comes with having your dreams come true!


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