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Loss of Momentum


Have you ever trained for a physical event? What are 2 important factors that you do not want to occur? One of them is to push yourself too fast and peak too soon. The other is to have a break in your stride.

I may not be training for a physical event but I do know you want everything running smoothly in every aspect of what you do. Recently, I hit a stalemate with a project and lost my focus. While sitting here, I realized that I am experiencing a loss of momentum. I was looking at the work I had in front of me, just staring at it, and it felt as though my brain had disengaged from the project.


We can get into some discussion of theory of motion or something similar but we need to call it as it is. When you are moving in the direction and with the purpose that you are engaged with, you have a certain momentum that does not take much energy to maintain. With this in mind, it is easier to stay on course than to get off course and start again.

A breakdown is one of the means by which you may find yourself off course. In athletics, it makes “winning” a near impossibility when you have a break in your stride. We were watching a show on Netflix the other day involving horses. There was a scene where contestants were going to be in a jumping competition. They were in the arena walking around before the competition. My husband said they were pacing out the strides so they can determine how to ride the course (he used to jump). As we continued to watch, he pointed out a horse that was going to quit on a fence. He further pointed out the rider did not ride the horse to the correct stride.

Just like that, a break in your stride can lead to a LOSS OF MOMENTUM.


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