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A life experience of Ron Murray

Chapter one: The paradigm

Beyond Human series. Collage of human geometric and natural forms on the subject of inner reality mental health imagination mysticism thinking and dreaming.

We are in a paradigm shift of communication and reality 

Many years ago I started a site called “The Bean Farm” on the web. I was involved with a couple of other people that had talents to help with the daily routine of “Virtual farming.” We did not have a tractor, a barn, or any of the trappings a real farm has. We planted a unique crop; seeds for dreams, hopes, visions, and all the “dressing” we see ourselves. Some of our dreams are huge , a few poor souls have none, most of us are in between. All are attainable.

During the past 35+ years I have been involved with web (now it’s “the internet”), I have grown with the web, traveled many places, observing the many different avenues, detours, successes, failures, scams, lost dreams, and mountains conquered on the web; I came to realize that we are now at a paradigm with technology and human behavior. This paradigm started thirty five years ago for me. What a trip it has been and will continue for many years. This is the year of the virtual world, it is open, free, and ready for everyone.

To live in and be part of this dynamic change in our social structure that has benefited so many people, is one of the most exciting things to happen in my lifetime. Each day is better than the one before. Information floods in from all over the world the instant it happens. Streaming video, radio, chatting, texting, cell-phone, and talking cars, pictures from space, along with 3D printing, all are communication at the click of a key. Virtual worlds are common place along with virtual people and artificial intelligence. We can grow body parts, build houses in space, work from home, and monitor our lives turning lights on and off with our cell phones while enjoying a vacation; track our kids and find lost pets with a locater.

Dramatic as this seems to us now, it is common place for the youth of the day. As the radio was to us, now the web is as common with our youth, and all the bytes and bits created to supply the dreams of those that dare to tread on it’s path. Transformed from a novelty, to a daily necessity, we all are pulled, some kicking and screaming, onto this trail of thorns and roses. We curse, complain at its complexity, but are excited to hear of the advancements made in science, medicine, social structures, to the benefit of all.

(Continued with Chapter two)


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