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The 13th Floor


Have you ever gone somewhere and you knew you were there before? Some people call this deja vue or an experience where you think you have had this experience before. At some time or another, everyone will have this or a similar experience.

Some Scientist feel this is not a real experience rather it is related to how the experience travels thru the mind. This is not what I feel or felt I have experienced in the past. My “vivid” experiences were all in a short time period and in a close area in another country.

My father was in the Army and stationed in Germany when I was really young. On 3 separate occasions, I visualized an experience before it happened. One of these occasions, we were moving and when my father was driving, I realized I had been there before. I told myself the directions he was going to take and visualized the exact house and location on the street before we turned the corner. I was speechless when I saw it!


I have seen scary movies but this was one that haunted me for a long time. Now, there is another movie with this name but the movie I remember, The 13th Floor, was about someone that went shopping in a department store. They got on an elevator and it took them to the 13th Floor. When they got out of the elevator, they felt they went back in time 20 or more years. They interacted with the people but something was different. At some point in the movie, they were returning to this floor and the elevator crashed. An older employee stated the elevator had not been operated and the 13th floor had been sealed for 20 years since the elevator crashed killing the workers that were on their way home that day.

The reason this movie haunts me is because it seems so real. Someone running around with a hockey mask and a chainsaw seems so Hollywood! 


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