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I don’t need a Magic Wand anymore

When I was 10 years old I saw a magic show of one of the best magicians of that time. It was a thrilling show that lasted for about 3 hours. The magician did so many tricks using his magic wand. He created money from nowhere, he made people disappear and then appear again, and he has taken out lots of water from a small vessel, and so on. I was so thrilled those days about the power of that magic wand. I thought of that magic wand till I was 20 years of age. Whenever something I cannot tackle happened in front of my eyes, I wished I had that magic wand to make things right. But slowly that thought of magic wand disappeared from my mind.

Strangely, in recent times, I again started thinking of that magic wand again. Whenever I see someone suffering and when I am not in a position to help, I immediately remember that magic wand. I always wished that everyone in this world should be happy and there should be no suffering. I know that is not possible. It’s not that we sit idle and wish for a magic wand to take care of us. Every one of us must work hard putting their full concentration on the work they do.

Starting an online company and too long back and dreaming to make it succeed, and ultimately achieving success to help its members is nothing short of a miracle. In the normal course we need a magic wand for such a thing to happen. But our most beloved Henry started Compumatrix with a noble cause of caring and sharing. He dreamed big and put his heart and soul to make that dream a reality. Yes, he is being helped by most trusted, most hard working coherent team. Probably any others in the place of Henry would have wished for a magic wand to make that happen and reach the pinnacle of success.

Even until a few days back I thought I need a magic wand for the US members count reaching that magic figure of 1000. But Our BOD, our most hard working staff, our founding members have put in such wonderful effort by which we are almost near that magic figure. Until recently I used to think of a magic wand to make lots of people from all corners of the world join our Compumatrix Company. But the excellent reputation our company has earned is making this happen without that magic wand.

Founding members, new members who joined recently and those who are planning to join Compumatrix, can become extremely happy in the shortest time without that magic wand.

I don’t need a magic wand any more.


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