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Sometimes…You’ve Just Got To Get Away



Get away from it all!  It is essential for your health – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  In fact, it may mean saving your very life.


I can guarantee that separating yourself from your daily life for a brief respite, will result in something miraculous happening. 


Just for a while, forget about your regular existence.  It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do.  It could be a visit to the mall, although that is not my personal favorite getaway.   In fact, I am one of those who would be feverishly trying to get away from the crowds in the mall.  I’m thinking more a trip to experience some natural surroundings.


Most of us cannot (yet) afford to take a vacation to the next province or state over, let alone to some exotic location.  But I am guessing that every one of us doesn’t have to travel far to see some trees, rocks, some type of water…somewhere that does not include a lot of concrete, steel and fabricated decor.  These are not things made to nurture the soul and spirit.  These are things meant to keep us firmly addicted to the things of “this world”.


I know from my own experiences that I can get so wrapped up in the goings-on of my daily drudgery that I hardly know my own name.  Too much focus on the “survival” aspect of our lives and the practicalities of “getting things done” results in exactly the type of collective societal energies we all see these days – a frantic, fast-paced, head-spinning race to the next “finish line”.


Whatever that is…is there such a thing as a final line, where we will be totally satisfied and content to just BE?  Not likely…as humans here for a relatively short time, I think we are hard-wired to want to experience and accomplish as much as we possibly can within the period of “time” that we are allotted.


Whenever I experience high levels of stress, and then the ensuing episodes of anxiety in so many forms, I know it’s time for a brief getaway.  I am blessed in that I live right in nature – in the back yard, anyway…the front yard closely faces a very busy highway, and so I live in what I see as the exact balance of the “rat race” energy, and the calm, laid-back natural energy.


It’s like I am constantly faced with a choice.  Do I want to focus on the extreme levels of noise coming from the front of the house, where there are endless streams of cars, trucks, tractor-trailers, and those never-ending speed-demon bikers, and Harleys with the jacked-up mufflers?  Or do I want to go to the back yard, and sit and watch the lush vegetation…chat with the chipmunks and squirrels and watch the antics of the many varieties of birds.


I choose them both, as I have a fairly healthy sense of balance.  I know that there are things that need to be done in order to maintain and even improve my practical existence.   The noises of humanity just outside my window actually motivate me in that way.  But if that gets to be too much, which it does on a daily and even hourly basis, then I will literally command myself to take a break, and go out the back door to do some gardening, or feed the cute little critters…or just sit and watch the clouds roll by.


I know many cannot do that, as they live in cities.   I used to live in the city, too, and whenever I needed a getaway, I would walk to the nearest park or trail and just remove myself from the collective reality of city-life.  I don’t think I would have remained sane had I not used those particular survival instincts – the unnatural and unreal constructs of man-made materials just never resonated with enough vital energy to sustain me.  So I would get my nourishment from what God gave us…nature in many forms.


I maintain that in order to be completely healthy on ALL levels, one must be in tune with one’s natural self.  For me, that means being around nature – trees, rocks, water and fresh air…all the elements to feed the soul, the psyche and the physicality.  Even fifteen minutes will do wonders for all of these. 


So please, do yourself and all your loved ones a favor – give yourself the gift of a daily getaway into nature.  There are miracles in that one small discipline.  When you walk away from your “problems”, you release that negative energy that is holding them in place.  I often find when I go out and have a great time – in nature, at a party or a happy social get-together…I come back to regular life, and many of my problems are miraculously solved.  Something I have been awaiting, has transpired in my brief absence.   My anxiety levels have dropped sharply.  My mind feels clear, I have a smile on my face.

Life just seems so much more enjoyable.  I can suddenly handle most anything.  Do you get the picture?

Give yourself that daily getaway, starting today!


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