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After all these years, I am still trying to wrap my mind around our product, Virtual Currency (Compuceeds).

I just read an article: Indian nonprofit offers new virtual currency to Greek residentsThe article reminded me of what we are doing (or planning to do). The non-profit organization plans to help Greek citizens by providing them a loan equivalent to 2,000 Euros.

I think we need to consider the unseen side of business. On a video I was watching regarding another Virtual Currency, the speaker talked about the ability of the currency to assist in the financial welfare of individuals in impoverished nations regarding the movement of funds. In his talk, he showed the increase in awareness and potential with Virtual Currencies not only for individuals but businesses, banks and Governments as well.

Many people would earn money if they had the means to do so. With Cryptocurrency at their disposal, they now have more opportunity to develop and maintain a business plan that will allow them success. There are opportunities that did not exist in as little as one year ago (or 10 minutes ago) that one might utilize as a means to earn an income online. 


It’s about time! It’s about time that there is a force of change to take control of this “spinning out of control” economic slump. Really? Is there really an economic slump or did everything start to shift? Years ago, I was studying stock market investing and the person that I was learning from made this statement: “when the money runs out of the sector that you are working in, watch the other sectors and figure out where it is going. If you get there before it does, you are going to make a lot of money! The money doesn’t run out, it just moves to another sector.”

I was thinking about this piece of information that I learned from Wade Cook so many years ago. When I realized the importance of cryptocurrencies, I now understand more efficiently how this shift of money works. What cryptocurrencies bring to the table is the ease of movement of money.

Now, if you will circle back to the beginning of this post with me. When you think about easing the movement of money, you can deduce the value of the offer this Indian Non-profit company is making to the citizens of Greece. They are making the funds available to jump start the productivity for the Greeks.



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