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Am I Happy?

What is happiness? What we need to be happy? How long happiness will sustain? What are the factors that contribute for one to be happy?

On the face of them, these questions appear simple, but the replies by different people to these questions are different.

The other day, I accompanied a friend to a birthday party of a very rich man. The way things are arranged in the party, it is certain that he must have spent a fortune on that single party. After the party is over, I met this rich man to thank him for the tastiest and sumptuous food served at the party and also for the excellent arrangements made. As I met him, I found he is not that happy. I first thanked him and then asked him as to why he is not that happy. He told me, “Well, I have my own problems”. I asked him whether they are financial problems. He replied in the negative and told, “I have more than enough money”, he continued, “Still I have problems”. He also told me, “See my friend, just money doesn’t bring happiness”.

So by the above it is clear that money alone will not contribute to happiness.

On the way back, when we are crossing a public park, my friend pointed me to a person who was sitting on a cement bench in the park and behaving in a way as if he is not mentally stable. I asked my friend, “Who is he? My friend replied, “He is also a rich man with a beautiful wife, two kids and a palatial bungalow”.

“But why is he behaving like that?”, I asked my friend. “It is because he is mad, I mean mentally disturbed”, my friend replied. “You just told that he is rich, having a beautiful wife and kids, a palatial bungalow. Then what made him lose his mental balance”, I asked my friend. “Well his greed for money”, my friend replied and continued, “Let me explain. He was busy in earning money and neglected his wife and kids. His wife told him many times that we have enough money. Now stop running for money. He did not care. His wife got fed up and left with kids. At that time it did not worry him, but after a few years he understood his fault and by that time it was late. That led him into losing his mental balance”.

Many think that a palatial bungalow, a beautiful wife, lovely kids and lots of money make them happy. May be it is true, may be it is not. If one is happy with what he/she is having, then there is no problem. But if there is no contentment, then no one can be happy.

So happiness filters down to contentment. Yes, we need money to live, but we should not live for money. A contented person is the happiest person.

Are you happy? I would love to listen that you are happy. I always question myself, “Am I happy?” Yes with all my problems, both financial and others, I can say with assertion that “I am Happy”.


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