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I don’t have money

It was about a few months back I met a person who appeared very strange to me. I heard about him prior to meeting him. So I know a little of his habits. After introducing myself, as a courtesy I asked him, “How are you?” He was very quick in his reply, “Not so good. I know you will ask me why. So I am telling that also to you even before you ask. The reason for my not being well is that I don’t have money”.

Even though I got to know a little about him even before meeting him, his reply perplexed me. I asked, “in what way your not having money is related to your not being well?’

“It’s Simple brother. When you fall ill, you need money to go to a doctor, then you need money to buy medicines, then you need money to buy fruits and other nutritious natural foods, you need money to pay someone to take care of you”, he replied

I was really surprised at his reply. As don’t want to prolong it. I asked him politely, “Shall we have a cup of coffee?”

“No, because I don’t have money”, he promptly replied. I told him, “never mind, I will buy coffee. As the restaurant is far away, let us go by taxi”. “No, no. I don’t have money. Let us walk”, he hastily replied. “Never mind, I will pay for the taxi also”, I told him.

“If you have that kind of money, instead of spending for taxi and coffee, why don’t you give me some money, because I don’t have money”, he desperately asked.

One thing I observed is that he invariably used “I don’t have money in every thing that he utters”. “I will take you by taxi, I will buy you a coffee and I will also give you €500, but virtual money. With some effort and the virtual money I give, you can become an independent business owner”, I told him while stopping a cab. We got into the cab. “Are you kidding brother? You mean I will become an independent business owner with just €500”, he asked as if he doesn’t want to believe it. “Yes, that is what I told, but you need to put in some effort”, I emphasized. In the mean time we reached the restaurant, we walked in, occupied seats at a table, and ordered coffee.

Sipping coffee he told me, “Brother, I am a lazy fellow. I can’t do any work. So instead of €500, can you give me just $100 real money, so that I can meet my expenses for a couple of days? Don’t mistake me, I am asking this because I don’t have money”. We completed taking coffee, I paid the bill and as we walked out, I told him, “Look, without doing anything, you will never have money. I tried to give you an excellent opportunity, but you want money without doing anything. Sorry, I can’t give money to you because I don’t have money”, telling this I parted ways with him.


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