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Bytes and Bits continued chapter: two

(Continued with Chapter two)

Chapter Two.

When I first stuck a toe into the digital pond, it was cold, muddy, full of refuse from broken bytes, piles of bent codes, and digital scum blocking most efforts to manipulate the creation of digital super highway. It was nasty but exciting, despite all the pitfalls, the Web grew and still is, growing at a rapid pace. It is an incubator for ideas, a tool to make more tools needed as the experiment becomes deeply entrenched into our social structure.
The web was fun, frustrating, expensive and not portable like today. Laptops were heavy, cell-phones were back breaking and in a bag. The desktops almost had to have their own room as they were big, noisy and hot. The first colored printer I owned had two ribbons. One black, one red, yellow, and blue. It took over five minutes to print a 8×11 inch colored page. Now it takes seconds, with much better quality, done without wires. I still have a laptop, made by Texas Instruments, with no hard drive, one floppy disk with the operating system you had to run first. It still works. I now use a “tablet” to surf, communicate, take videos, and do banking.

We are at a stage of paradigm changes that create paradigm changes and seem to create a insecurity with most, except the youth. They take it in stride without fear of reprisals from life. Some Hard lessons to be learned as history will reveal.

The way we communicate and its dramatic impact has led the way to a major paradigm shift evolving as you are reading this. The financial Industry has caressed the digital world for its efficiency and speed of processing information. In the past, a paper check went through many steps and would take as long as 5 days to clear(a float). At present, the digital transaction with a bank card or cell-phone takes milliseconds, for local or international. Currency trading is done in a flash with a new arena called the Forex trading platform. Stocks, bonds, mortgages, gold, silver moved at light speed or faster, becoming the incubator for thousands of “Virtual Currencies,” being led by Bitcoin. Compumatrix Cryptocurrency is closing the gap.

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