Here at Compumatrix, people are starting to dream!  We are beginning to think like the amazing masters we are, and to imagine what life might be like with a wide open field.  That is truly what life is about–always has been, always will be!  Everyone deserves to thrive in life, living their dreams, doing what they feel drawn to do.

Compumatrix is making that a possibility, for anyone and everyone who dares to try! Here, you can earn money by allowing your computer to be used for medical and environmental research; you can earn money by writing blogs, commenting and sharing.  And you can earn money by selling virtual prepaid cards, much like gift cards, using a great portal site that allows us to work together to thrive as a community.

Not only that, but the members of our community believe in this company! We don’t get commissions for bringing in new members. We believe in the way the company is set up, we believe in it’s integrity, and we believe in it’s potential and viability.  That is the reason we bring in new members and help them get started.  There is nothing in it for us, except the privilege of giving someone the chance we were given.

Do you have a computer, a phone or a tablet, or access to one, along with internet access, on a regular basis?  Do you have half an hour or more a day that you can devote to your business?  Do you have a government issued ID and a street address?  These are the essentials needed to succeed with Compumatrix.  You can start for free, or with a gift or loan from a current member.

My dearest wish is for each of us, here on earth, to be thriving, cherished and supported.  No one deserves anything less.

May your day be blessed with abundance and good will!

Honoring Life!

What I love about Compumatrix is that it allows each of us to honor that which we are, that which cherish and that which we most want to do! Whether it be art, photography, writing, connecting with people, creating a small business, rescuing animals… The possibilities are endless.

In essence, it gives us the ability to thrive. And thriving people can live life as it is meant to be lived–with joy, love and excitement. That is how we can best honor life–by living it to the fullest!

My vision for my life as we move into this next phase with Compumatrix is of connecting with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, telling them about the options they have with Compumatrix. I have a special place in my heart for the homeless. So I am excited to build a way for them to access Compumatrix, and begin to heal and function again.

But equally as exciting to me, is the chance to do things that I have not had the chance to do in my life yet. I want to really get to know a horse, and learn to take care of it and ride it well. I want to discover whether my dream of hang gliding is something that I will really enjoy, or whether it will scare me to pieces!

And I am excited to be developing and using my talents and abilities. Teaching, writing, facilitating, holding space… These are things that feel worthwhile to me, and things that I have always done and will always do. But I would like to do them better, and to expand the ways that I use them.

What are your dreams and ideas?  What if they are just glimpses into the future that is awaiting your arrival?  May you be blessed with the abundance, excitement and joy that comes with having your dreams come true!

We can learn from the Mulberry trees

It's How You LearnWritten by Ron Murray as told by Mr.Bean

It is a gift to have mulberry trees in my backyard and when they are ripe I have a handful each morning. I see a multitude of birds feeding that I find very interesting. The birds are a jewel of pure nature and so unaggressive to life. They are truly a moment to moment life force that captures the serenity we all seek.

Early morning ,standing out by the mulberry trees looking at the last of the berries, reaching up touching one or two and feeling their condition. The berries did not have the shine as the last effort of the tree to produce its wonderful bounty. Most of the berries were looking dry with some having an aged appearance. Little wrinkles and small in stature, the berries were a shadow of when they were full and glistening in the sun.

The berries were nestled in the leaves as if jewels hidden from thieves. Thieves were plenty when the berries were plentiful. Birds, squirrels, mice and even humans would push the lush green leaves aside to pick the dark purple jewels. Now, only a few dull, dark, small and wrinkled berries still hang with determination, “not to let go,” are not totally visible,being partially hidden by the vibrant green clumps of leaves.

The Mulberry tree is kind of a social center in the back yard. Birds of all descriptions converge in the trees, each with a song mixed with others creating a concert of sort, not totally pleasant to hear. Ground critters take a rest in the shade while looking for tidbits that have dropped from above. Insects, especially spiders, spin artistic webs that glisten in the sunlight be-speckled with jewels of the morning dew. Bigger birds, such as the crows sit highest on the tallest limbs and crow their stuff, reminding me of politicians. The finer more delicate birds hop from limb to limb, not staying on one for more than a few seconds. This is a defense device not to stay in one place too long. It always fascinated me how fast some of them move from limb to limb. Some humans have this same defense device, always on the move.

One can learn a lot about life watching mulberry trees in the back yard. We all have a role, and something to offer, if we would just take the time to find out what it is. Unlike the critters that visit my backyard that are predetermined in their role, we have one attribute that puts us on a different path. We have a choice, and our attitude will determine what that choice is. We choose where we are headed and what we will do as we travel the path we are on.


As I take in what Compumatrix can do for me in my life, I wonder what it can do for others. As with anything, our intention is so important.

Most people on this planet could use a flow of income simply to support themselves with the basics. That’s a given. But money is simply the catalyst.

What are the possibilities of growing a business in Compumatrix?

  • Having the income to purchase the tools and services to grow our dream.
  • Having the time to create and do what we love.
  • In meeting our own dream, we serve the world with it.
  • Being able to leave the “day job” at some point.
  • The ability to pay off debt.
  • The extra cash to share with others, to be more generous with our gifts.

Compumatrix isn’t just about getting out of survival mode. That’s just the beginning. It’s so much more!

We have unlimited potential.

I believe most humans love to help others. In this business, we do it by helping others to start their own businesses in Compumatrix, and/or we can help them as philanthropists…in small or big ways. WE get to be the example, Be the Change.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Compumatrix is a that serves the World ♥