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Is your idea something special and worth sharing in today’s fast paced World of E-Commerce. Some of the greatest ideas have never been shared because the creative person with that idea did not know how to share it.

Watching Seth Godin’s Ted Talk (Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread), he made a comment, “is it remarkable”. In his video, he talks about the changes in marketing strategies. He uses some comparisons showing some of the hottest products or stores which they had nothing in common with each other. Seth mentioned not marketing to the Early and Late Majority because they are “good” at ignoring you. He stated to market to the Innovators and the Early Adopters because they care. They are the ones that are obsessed with your product (or idea). Your idea spreads because by marketing to them, they will tell their friends.


“they fade into view over long periods of time” Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson made this statement during his Ted Talk (Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from). In his talk about where ideas come from, he shows these ideas often come about from people getting together in discussions which lead to the creation of the idea. He uses several examples but what becomes apparent is the fact the idea isn’t spontaneous and is often a collaborative effort.


In this fast paced World of E-Commerce, it is often easy to give up on an idea. You can doubt yourself as the creator of the idea or your ability to move that idea along (spreading your idea). Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is your idea REMARKABLE?
  2. Would your idea serve a worthwhile purpose?
  3. Do I want to benefit from sharing the idea or do I want someone else (or organization) to benefit from the idea?

In this writing, I have mention a term twice. Now, it is time to address it. The term: World of E-Commerce

The Innovators have in their hands a product that will change the World once the Early Adopters embrace it!

Commerce is going thru some changes. Gone are the days that the producers have to wait 30-60 days for payment for their products and services. Merchants are selling products World Wide and payment for those products have often lagged behind. What is in the hands of the Innovators is a faster payment system. This payment system is in the products of Virtual Currency (or Digital Currency).

We are seeing major players emerge as well as major players with history becoming partners of this new industry.

This is something worth watching.


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