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Like Ripples in a Body of Water

When I was a kid I loved to throw rocks, pebbles, and other objects into the small pond by our house to see the differences in the rings or out ward waves as they moved across the water towards the shore. Watch closely, the splash of the object is over in an instant, but the ripples continue.

At first it was just fun and soothing to watch the rings move so harmoniously ever out wards, not just one for the one object that was thrown in, but hundreds of rings, one right after the other, and they slowed, and eventually ended, but it took time, and I even doubt sometimes that they really stopped when I saw them no more.

Life is like this view of reality, in a physical analogy, for when we do something it has an effect that ripples ever outward from it origin to effect all around it. And in like manner it is not just one ripple but hundreds, one right after the other, and if we don’t renew them from time to time they diminish in and eventually stop altogether.

For if I did something for someone else, as Jesus did for others, then the results would spread and many would know, and some would even come to expect the same for themselves. Things no matter how small have an effect, for Jesus did many great things, that are documented in many places, and not just the Bible, but then he also was given a small drink of water by a well, that changed a life for ever. So no matter how small the action it still has far reaching effects.

Our home life is like this and so is our work life, and ultimately our business life as well. Each move affects another, and each idea has an effect. And in our modern age of technology this is increasingly true, for our small pond of water is now a global expanse, that has the furthermost reaches of our world to touch and share. Those rings are spreading ever out ward.

Now, can I share a little secret from above, where I spoke of what was thrown into the water; big rocks, big waves, little pebbles little waves, and tree limbs, or odd shaped objects, start out as irregular waves, but soon temper to rings just as all the other objects thrown in did before they reached the shoreline, and ending.

So do ideas when shared, may at first seem useless, and not worth sharing, because they are not quite right, but with time and sharing they too become uniform and tried through the efforts of many others as they head for the shoreline. You my friend are ever affecting everyone around you, with the slightest things that you do, so imagine if you will when it is done on a global scale.

Compumatrix my friends is just such a company of a very new concept, but one that is to help others, who do not have the same advantages as those with real world power to back them, and this company has grown despite much speculation that it would not endure, for the long run.

In the end, we will see a Company that has endured the test of time, and has blessed the lives of many, and ultimately altered the very facets of life, and business as we know it today, for those rings are still spreading ever outward, causing changes everywhere they go!


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