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That’s Fiction, but this is real

I was traveling in a car of my friend. My friend is driving the car and he gets thrilled by driving the car very fast. Knowing that, on the condition that he will drive the car with moderate speed, I got into the car. But within minutes I understood that my friend just didn’t care the word he gave me. I told him that it is not fair. “Look brother, I love speed in everything. So stop worrying. I will see that there is no accident. As he drove, we entered the mountain region and started traveling on Ghat Road (The meaning of Ghat Road as per Wikipedia: Ghat Roads are access routes into the mountainous. These roads are remarkable feats of engineering). On the Ghat Road on one side you will see a mountain and the other side a deep valley. In the case of this valley, it is a deep forest. Even on such road my friend didn’t reduce the speed. I was about to caution him, but in the mean time some vehicle came in the opposite direction. In maneuvering our vehicle to escape a direct hit, the car started dashing off the road into the valley and into the thick forest. I thought that we are finished. I started cursing myself for having got into that car, but it is too late. Even though my friend was taken a back for a moment, he regained his calm self and started maneuvering the vehicle from in between the many trees. It’s as if I am watching a movie. We drove like that for how long, I don’t remember. When he saw a big lake a little distance away, my friend tried to apply brakes, but in vain. He slowed down the vehicle and asked me to jump by opening the door. We both jumped off the car almost at the same time. The car straight went and fell into the big lake. I checked my body as I was feeling lot of pain. When I looked at myself, I found myself bleeding. Even my friend was in the same state. We reached the lake, took some water with both hands and poured them on the wounds with an intention of stopping the bleeding. The moment that water touched the wound, the wound disappeared. We were pleasantly surprised, but lost no time pouring that water on all the wounds. Within seconds, our body has come to normal as if nothing has happened. At this time, I looked at the car in the lake and could not believe it. The car is just floating on the water taking an occasional dip on its own, and it completed turned into gold. I nearly shouted and drawn my friend’s attention to that. We both were in a state of awe. So the water is having magical powers. It turned a metal into gold and healed the wounds. Thinking that I looked at the silver bracelet on wrist. It turned into gold.

What is all this? What is happening? We both were perplexed. We suddenly understood that it is going to be night in a short while. Our worry started. How to get out of this thick forest. Where exactly we are? At the same time we don’t want to leave that golden car there. When I was thinking what to do, my friend told that he is hungry. I then understood that we had taken food long back and even I am hungry. We don’t know what to eat. Then suddenly I suggested to my friend that we will see what happens if we sprinkle that water on leaves. Immediately we collected enough leaves and we were soon standing in front of a small heap of leaves. We both brought water with both hands. Before sprinkling the water on that heap of leaves, my friend told that it will be very nice if that heap becomes tasty food. While he was telling that aloud, I sprinkled water on that heap. To our surprise we found that heap turning into tasty food. My friend tasted a little and shouted that it is like food from a top class restaurant. We consumed that food to the extent we can. Then the question of getting out of that place again stared at us. We thought we should explore the place before it gets too dark. As we turned back, we were shocked to see two well built tigers looking at us with hunger in their eyes.

Watch for the second part.


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