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That’s Fiction, but this is real – Part-2

If you have not read Part-1, please go to this link and read it:

Hungry giant like tigers staring at us made us shiver. We have thought that this is the end. “What should we do?” my friend murmured to me. “I really don’t know”. I replied I gathered some courage. I told my friend in a feeble voice, “Let us run and jump into the lake”. We gathered some strength and in seconds we turned back, ran, jumped into the lake and fell directly on the top of our car. The two tigers also ran behind us, but we are lucky that they could not catch us. We were lying on the top of the car firmly holding it. The two tigers are obviously very angry and finding a method to attack us. In the mean time something we could never expect happened. The car on the top of which we were lying slowly started moving up and stood firmly on the water surface as if it was land. We seized the opportunity and slowly entered the inside of the car and found that inside of the car is neat and there is not a drop of water inside. We closed all window glasses and my friend started the car. We moved past the tigers with high speed, but the tigers never lagged behind. They started running behind our car with amazing speed. As it is a dense forest we have limitation with which we can drive the car, but the tigers have no such limitations. We are running the car with the maximum speed that we can and the tigers are doing the same. The only difference is that we are driving for our life and the tigers are also running for our life. I suddenly shouted to my friend, “Look there is lot of loose soil there. Be very careful”. Even before I completed telling that the car reached that loose soil and we observed that our car got sinking along with the loose soil that’s sinking. Even though the engine is running, car could not move because we were falling into a very deep pit along with the car. We no doubt got rid of the tigers but don’t know where finally we will reach.

After some time, the car stopped sinking. We noticed that we landed at a place which looked like a big cave. Strangely we could see light in that cave. We wondered from where that light is coming so deep underneath the earth surface. As we walked further we could see light falling from the top of the cave on to some metallic objects. We walked close and were speechless. There is so much of Gold and many Diamonds there. I could not control my excitement and started shouting, “Gold, Diamonds”, and woke up from my sleep. After all that was a dream and total fiction. I can never bring the treasure I saw in my dream to my home because that’s fiction. In reality you will never get that kind of treasure just like that. Of course there are some online offers which will promise fortunes to you in short time. If you join and pay them, you end up losing your hard earned money.

In Compumatrix we don’t offer dreams or fiction. What you get here with minimum of start up money and some sincere effort is a comfortable life with reasonable earnings. Compumatrix also traveled through the most difficult route and faced situations which at that time appeared extremely difficult to tackle. But that is all past. Compumatrix Founder Henry with his most dedicated team (which includes our most efficient CEO, David, our Board of Directors with persons like Jane and Erline, Our most committed staff specially Dr.Liz, our inspiring motive force, Uncle Alan and host of others) has tackled all problems one after the other and placed the Compumatrix near the pinnacle of success. All our most loyal founding members and our new entrants will be receiving the benefits shortly.

Don’t lag behind. If you decide to join, you are lucky to enter Compumatrix at the most beneficial time. With minimum of startup money and with sincere effort and with the support of our dedicated staff and founding members, you will find it rather easy to join Compumatrix and proceed further.

The first thing to do to join Compumatrix is to join Cryptoceeds site through the link below:

Just like you open a Bank Account before you receive your first salary, this is your Bank Account in Compumatrix. This is your Cryptoceeds E-Wallet. Here you store your Cryptoceeds earnings. Soon after joining get verified.

Now you have Cryptoceeds E-Wallet and you need to have avenues to earn Cryptoceeds. There are Two Avenues in Compumatrix for you to earn Cryptoceeds. They are:

  1. Compumatrix Trading Portal located at:

  1. Compumatrix Mining Blog located at:

So, you need to join both the above after joining Cryptoceeds and getting verified.

To clarify your doubts, to get periodic latest information and Rules, to interact with senior members and getting to know Compumatrix completely, you need a place and that is provided by Compumatrix through their Forum located at:

You need to join the Forum also. Please note that in all the four sites you have to use the same E-Mail address, same username.

Last but not the least; we have a Store where there are surprises in store for you. You can buy Computers, Mobile Phones and Watches from this Store using Cryptoceeds. You can visit the Compumatrix Store through this Link:

What are you waiting for? Please remember that you don’t get the type of treasure I saw in my dream here because “That is Fiction”, but you get reasonable earnings for a comfortable life at Compumatrix because “This is Real”.


For further details on Registration, please visit this informative thread by Dr.Liz:



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