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Value of Your Labor


We are so use to being paid for our work by the hour that we almost can’t think outside of that experience. Years ago (many), I worked for a County Parks organization in the mountains. At the time, we were cutting a lot of diseased trees. This gave me some part-time working opportunities for people that owned properties in the mountains. I would look over the project then give the landowner one price for the entire job. Sometimes they would try to change the assignment for a lower price. It was fun!

I mention this because we really need to look at how we are paid for what we do. I have worked for Government agencies and public corporations. You can always find those that spent more time and energy trying how not to work! When I was leaving one job with a corporation, I was saying my good-byes. One person made a comment about how over-worked her boss was. I told her, “he would be able to get everything done that he was assigned if he spent more time working his job instead of running Football pools in the cafeteria!”

Is your preference to be paid an hourly wage, straight commission, or by the assignment?

When you start assigning “Value”, then you can understand more correctly THE VALUE OF YOUR LABOR.


Have you ever taking the time to evaluate what you buy? Most of us relate what we buy to what we are paid.

I use to shake my head when I would go thru a economically depressed part of a city. The torn down houses and boarded up businesses was hard to take in but what I had a hard time with was the expensive cars lining the street. Some people put more value into their possessions than the rest of their life. It took me a long time to understand (but that is another story).

Does the value of what you buy have to relate to the value of what you are paid?

Sometimes a good deal is too good to pass up! I recently made a purchase for a product that I felt I could have purchased somewhere else for less cost. However, the funds I used for this purchase were from another source of income that had a different value. This income was not derived from an hourly wage that I could convert to a value for the purpose of buying. It was different.

I still remember someone years ago explaining to me the value of earning (outside of traditional earning). When he was explaining it, he used this example:

When you first get started with this business concept, you are going to work the entire month and you will probably earn a commission check divided over the hours you spent in the value of a few cents per hour. You will undoubtedly think you are worth way more than that! After a while, your commission divided by your hours might be worth $1 per hour and you know your time is worth more than that. But, after some time, your time is earning you $10, $20 or $50 per hour and that is more like it! After more time, that value grows to $100, $200 or maybe $500 per hour spent in your business. WOW! YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT WORTH THAT KIND OF MONEY!


The above is an example of LEVERAGE AND RESIDUAL INCOME. 

Now, you are not spending from sweat equity but from a higher source of income. With this higher source of income comes the ability to purchase at a different level. In addition, this brings about a higher level of RESPONSIBILITY.



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