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I had an idea for a post but someone bumped it!

“How do you feel about day care versus being a stay at home Mom?” – Andrea Ott

The above statement expresses the entire post Andrea wrote (How does a family afford child care?) In her post, Andrea talked about the cost of childcare verses what is left for the efforts of that extra income. Sometimes we do not see a way out. However, if you read Andrea’s post, there is a way out! It’s WORKING FROM HOME!

Even though it is not directly stated in her post, you can surmise the theme (behind the them) as being FAMILY FIRST. She mentions moms staying home with their own children instead of dropping them off in Daycare. There are 2 sides to this post and the other side is the Financial side.

To this, the author talks about the mom working on her own business from home (not just any business). She doesn’t discuss in detail the business however, you could only read her post if you were a member. Therefore, you would understand these aspect of the business. (That is not the purpose of this posting.)


After watching countless videos on Innovation and sharing ideas, I have come to a conclusion that for a business to become successful, they have to have a respectable relationship with their customers. One of the best at this relationship building is Apple, Inc. Steve Jobs was one of the best not only at building relationships but also in introducing innovation.

I was watching a Ted Talk with Guy Kawasaki. He (as he states it) did 2 tours of duty with Steve Jobs. He said it wasn’t easy but it was rewarding. After watching one of Guy’s Ted Talks on Innovation, I realized a connection with another speaker when he mentioned Great company leaders taking a company that they built and running it down and out. (And they didn’t do anything wrong!)

At one point in Apple’s life, I thought they were going to be out of business. This is when the board took control and Steve Jobs was out! With the decline they were experiencing, they had the foresight to bring Steve Jobs back. With him, came a return of his own style of charisma and innovation.

When Steve Jobs shared new products, he shared with his (Apple’s) customers on a personal level.



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