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Gail Walton: “How are you going to share our blogs, the articles on the Compumatrix Daily, and support the Compumatrix pages on FaceBook buy just viewing and not being “Active” there?

This is a business…this is YOUR business and this is MY business. Are we here to further our business? Are we here to help grow our Company and increase profits? Do we want to be WELL known in the global community and have our Cryptoceeds command the highest value? How about you shareholders? Do you think without putting out effort to advertise on social media we will get the recognition and growth we need to become leaders in the market?

If you aren’t willing to be active and join forces with those who ARE being active and doing the things to ensure our success then I have to wonder WHY you are even here…if you don’t know how to do this…let’s get some training classes started on it!!


If you are reading this for the first time, a little reference is in order. There is always a discussion of the attributes of being on Social Media versus staying clear. It took me a while to adjust my own attitude towards participating with Social Media but when I gained the insight of this as a tool, I engaged the idea of Social Media Marketing. However, the concept is not enough. Participation is the name of the game.

Now, back to the idea: Why are you here?

Many of us have been following this business throughout the process of taking this business to marketing. We see it as something different from the multitude of businesses that are out there on the Internet (some we participated in and others we said: NO WAY!).

For us, we still are waiting “for someone else to take control of our future”. This is totally your own responsibility.

If you do not want this responsibility, there is always a government program that will assist you to feeling less than adequate. I’m on Social Security benefits and I am excited that very soon, I will be able to call them up and CANCEL MY RETIREMENT BENEFITS, I WILL TAKE CARE OF MY OWN RETIREMENT!


I am going to allow my business to keep me from retirement. This means, no part-time job greeting and smiling at people in front of the big box store. I intend to keep working from home with my own home business. I intend to help others to do the same.

If you want to make some money and I mean REALLY MAKE SOME MONEY, then forget about how much money you “deserve” and go out and REALLY HELP OTHERS MAKE SOME MONEY.

YOU ARE ALREADY TAKEN CARE OF! When you reach out to others, you will find yourself well rewarded. If you refuse, don’t ask questions.


I will take responsibility for myself because if I don’t, I can not help someone else. If I don’t, I can not help you. If I don’t, I can not help my family. If I don’t, I can not take care of my friends. If I don’t, I can not take care of my Compumatrix family!!!


Thank You Gail for stepping up and stepping in whenever we are on rough seas. There are some strong people here and you are one of them. I, for one look forward to the Social Media Training.


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