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Chapter: 3  “Bytes and Bits continued:”


“Virtual Currencies,” a term applied to the invisible transfer of digits on the internet. It has grown from the need to bypass the fees and control of the banking system. Some call it a sophisticated barter system. No matter what the label, it is a form of currency that enables one to transfer value to another without a bank or government strings, as applied to the mainstream flow of fiat currency. At present, virtual currency is unregulated and free flowing. It is not without hurdles or pitfalls. Most virtual currencies are in the infant stage, stumbling around trying to win a place in the paradigm it sprouted from. Bitcoin is the most visible at being accepted world wide within the virtual currency arena. It has a life history of about 10 years and is getting stronger. Another virtual currency that has a similar life span but is relatively quiet but persistent and making an impact, is Compumatrix Cryptoceeds.   People that have heard of Bitcoin or have known about it but did not buy any, now confess “I wish I had done this or that I would, be set.” That statement has been repeated often by people regretting not stepping out of their comfort zone. Yahoo stocks, IBM,, Microsoft all had a slow start, and were financially easy to get. Compumatrix Cryptoceed Virutal currency is so easy to acquire, but many will not step up and will make the same statement “I should have…” after the realization this paradigm is now!

Compumatix is not MLM, or has a network sponsor, affiliate, or a quota, won’t fill a closet with products, attend seminars, or empty your bank account. One can get involved for under 15.00 usd or you can learn and earn by doing tasks, donating computer time for World Community Grid that benefits mankind and developed by University of Southern California and IBM. If you have computer running, why not get paid by Compumatrix for helping mankind? WCG and Compumatrix is a good fit, WCG is benefiting mankind, and Compumatix format is “caring and sharing” building of lifestyles.


To earn a Bitcoin, one has to be a miner as it is called. That situation as evolved into a expensive equipment cost, or one can join a mining group.

To earn Compumatix compuceeds, one can blog, comment on the forum, work the trading portal, or purchase Virtual Currency Cards load on the e-wallet. One does not need to invest into a virtual mining machine as with Bitcoin. One just needs to get paid for effort already being used.


The fact is, the business model for Compumatix Virtual Currency is new and unique, developed over the past 10 years. Created with a solid foundation, simple in structure, strong in application; with flexibility to weather any climatic change or underground rift. Our assets are protected, shielding our  ability to grow beyond expectations.

Compare this business to the standard brick and mortar business with all its cash, time, stress, un-list-able overhead to be invested before one dollar of profit is generated; you will come to realize how this ” Virtual Business model” Compumatrix will let you enjoy the 24 hour day a little more. A profit can be generated in days, not months or the standard years. Put your phone to work, the tablet, laptop or the PC setting at home covered with dust. What ever you do, it will be simple, but extremely profitable. It will open doors, influence the financial house you reside in, and most of all, will change the way we live and see the world.

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