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What are Your Wants; part two

Ultimate Conflict! Old Proverb

What do We Want; Part 2

Why, a part two? Simple really for as there is good and bad, right, and wrong, and so many other things that have opposites, I felt this one one of those times.

I had a message I felt needed telling, and I sure hope it met with favorable results, and ideas, for we are all adults and intelligent people. And after all it did sound just a wee bit negative, for why should one curve their desire to have more in life, to have everything that one wants. So now, with that said, and a disclaimer from part one, and the thoughts that have now invaded that space between our ears. We all know that greed is one thing, and responsibility is quite another, so…

I wanted to express the idea, that has rung true for many months, or even years!

Compumatrix is here to stay, and it has done what so many other things have not, for many of us.

It has given us Hope, and it has allowed us to really explore that evasive idea of really having our ‘Wants’ fulfilled on a real scale! The thing is what to do, or dream of, as I did with that truck so many puzzled over when they saw the picture. But, then I did serve my country for over 7 years, in more than one branch of the service. And I did, and do know more about these types of trucks, especially the old time multifueled types. But our hopes are near fruition, and our desires to see this Company become the driving force to a whole new future, one that will establish itself as the first of its kind in the world. One that may continue to find new ways, and innovations to continue to give people hope!

For it is Hope that drives us to do more, and it is our ‘Wants’, and ‘Desires’ that need fulfilling in order to cause us to do more, like one blogger so accurately put it, it gives us value to why we do something, and that is what Hope is all about.

And like the Bible puts it; While we yet do not see, but know it is coming it is hope, but then one day when it is seen it no longer is hope, but sight. Can we say with all truthfulness that it is now within; Sight?

Life is that way, we need to work hard, but why work, when one has no hope?
There are many people in the world that have no hope, and my heart goes out to them, for it is a hard life to see that many have things, even the very necessities of life, and they have no way, to get them, and no one is willing to help, or more importantly teach, share, and provide a way to gain hope.

This is what Compumatrix is doing, and we need not stop, with just our final verification, for there are many other ways to continue, and you my fine friends are the ones to keep it going!

I can see that we have, or we are part of something bigger than ourselves, we can be a driving force, so what do you say? I do want to grow, I do want to have a business (that’s right I already have one, Compumatrix!), and I do have other wants in life, like retirement; but now, I also want to help others have what I have!

And with a Prayer, and God’s guidance it will happen!


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